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32X issue


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I picked up a 32X and I can't get it to work. I'm not sure if it's the power supply or something else. I did get my vold meter out and my model 1 pwer supply shows viltage coming out, I try to do the same with the 32X power supply but I get nothing. Now, I'm not sure if I am actually making contact insice the plug or not. Anyone else try and get voltage from the power supply but can't due to the plug being small or is this probably a fried power supply? Also is there any other way other than trying to get the plug inside the small port?

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Update on the 32X. There is power coming from the A/C adapter. now, let's make sure I have this correct before I start to mes things up. I have the A/C plug into the 32X, since I have a model 1, I use the cable to go out from my genesis to the in of the 32X and use that adapter and put it into the 32X in port. the out goes out, but I only plug the video into my plugs as the audio comes from my CD system. so video from the 32X into my plug taht has all 3 in it, sound from the CD unit into the same plug, plug then goes into the TV for audio and video. Plug the 32X into the system obviously, cart in 32X and it should work, correct? Not sure if there is a way to figure out if there is something wrong inside the 32X and fix it or not.

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The only game I tried was the one that I got with it NFL quarterback club. I don't think this is the greatest game to show off the 32X. When I have a bit more time I will plug my everdrive into the 32X and try some of the games I have on there that are 32X games. Having the 32X and the CD hooked to my genesis I have so much now I can play with it's great.

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