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The Official NEO-GEO Thread!

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Hi guys,


Now with Bloggos POW with his video for us to enjoy for the 7th anniversary of the Neo-Heo thread. Enjoy. :)


From the description,

"Bloggo looks at another 4 Neo Geo games. What will he pick out this time? Also it's the 7th Anniversary of Anthony Durso's Neo Geo thread on the Atari Age forums - visit it here and tell him Bloggo sent you :)"





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18 hours ago, Reaperman said:

I completely disagree about the B&W's screen quality.  The original gb was a greenish, low-contrast experience even by the standards BITD. Outside of the NGP being released in an era when it really should have had a color screen, I don't think I've heard anything that negative ever being said about it.


I thought maybe NGP screens degraded over time (like a lot of the early color screens seem to), or my memory was otherwise off, but I just checked against a gbp, since my original gb's have screen mods. NGP still looks as I remember it. Lights are lighter, darks are darker, but I think it might do more shades than the 4 on game boy, since some of them kind of blend together until the contrast wheel is taken to incorrect settings. (NGPC's existence makes it pretty hard to find NGP 'color count' stats)  Also of the 'color' games that play on that screen, many of them may not have been designed primarily with the b/w screen in mind.

Tried my B&W again yesterday. Contrast adjust makes a bit of difference but it is still so hard to view even in direct light, blurs a lot, I just don't recall the original gameboy being quite so bad but that's not really relevant. Maybe my screen has degraded as it definitely isn't playable. One for the shelf until someone brings out a new screen for it like you can get for the og GB. Hope they do as then I can at least fix my broken one :)

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4 hours ago, fdurso224 said:

Hi guys,


Back with Colin from Gorilla Entertainment to share his video to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Neo-Geo thread fellas. Enjoy. :)


From the description,

"Alpha Mission II is a vertically scrolling full-screen shoot 'em up released by SNK in 1991 for the Neo Geo arcade and home systems. As the name suggests, it is the sequel to the 1985 arcade game Alpha Mission. It was later released for the Neo Geo CD in 1994 and for the PlayStation Portable in 2010."



This was the game i bought with my AES back in the day think it all cost me £600 taking inflation into account thats proberly arount £1150 today lol.



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Happy 7th!


Before this thread, Neo Geo discussion was pretty well limited to the 'Arcade' sub-forum, and let's be honest, we all forget that forum even exists.  Now I don't miss out on homebrew news, or limited hardware runs--as demonstrated with my NeoBiosMasta VMC purchase just yesterday.

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Anthony congrats on 7 years man, it's always nice to have a quiet, informative place to discuss the Neo without having to get into a fighting stance before asking a question.  ?


Here's my favorite Neo Geo video to help brighten everyone's day:



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12 hours ago, fdurso224 said:

Hi guys,




It's March 24th 12:00 midnight here EST in New York. You know what fellas??




:party: :party: Today marks the 7th year anniversary of "The Official NEO-GEO Thread" on Atariage.com! :party: :party:




Its been another amazing year in which we were able to bring members together and having discussions regarding anything related to the Neo-Geo and SNK. I would like to take the opportunity as usual to thank Albert, the moderators, the members, and guest that come by, reply, and look at the postings that are available to view for the general public pertaining to the Neo-Geo and its platforms. As mentioned numerous times before, the Neo-Geo thread had concerns and uncertainties involving how will it work and benefit others. After careful planning and good concepts. We were able to make this thread work and help benefit long time and new Neo-Geo players. :)


For those that are unaware about the thread beforehand, Atariage had little discussions that involved the Neo-Geo. But being a Neo-Geo player, owner, and enthusiast...I felt it was time to introduce something new and fresh for the community here on the site. However, difficult challenges awaited since Neo-Geo was hardly ever discussed, and few on the forums here own anything from SNK's units it manufactured. But thankfully it worked for the better  So far, we have 25,800+ replies, and at 1,058,000+ views and enlisted hundreds of new members for all to benefit! A nice accomplishment so far that we continue on to progress even further.


The Official NEO-GEO Thread motivated our members to establish other amazing threads such as,


The Official TurboGrafx-16 Thread.


The Official Game Boy Thread.


The 3DO Thread.


The Sony Playstation Thread


The Official Sega Saturn Thread


The SNES/Super Famicom Discussion Thread.


The Sega Dreamcast Thread.


Nuon Game System & Discussion Thread.


The "Make A Label/Box Into Something Funny/Cool" Thread.


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Hi-Score Today Thread.


Analogue NT Mini Core Video Recommended Thread.


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The Official lag thread.


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The Official Nintendo 64 Thread.


The Official Sega CD/Mega CD Thread.


The Official Action Max Thread.


The Official Nintendo GameCube Thread.


The Official Channel F Thread.


The New Cables For Classic Consoles Thread


The Pre-Famicom Nintendo Thread


BEAT-EM-Up.The Thread



If you have a moment, please support them in which they offer to benefit others in the community. So much insightful information that is posted on these threads that will be to your liking! :)



As usual, "The Official NEO-GEO Thread" is open to all. If you have any inquiries or you're a gamer, reviewer, programmer, troubleshooter, developer, publisher, or anything else that you would like to contribute relating to the Neo-Geo or SNK, please feel free to PM me, or post here. You're welcome to do so.



Thank you all for the personal support and thank you for supporting "The Official NEO-GEO Thread" on Atariage.com. :)







A big round of applause and congratulations for having this thread be 7 years old now and going strong.  I am glad to have stumbled onto this thread as I have really enjoyed learning more about a console I never got to experience as a kid back in the day, but loving it now (along with the Neo Geo Pocket ?).  Needless to say, take care and looking forward to many a post yet to come.

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Charlie Cat.


Congratulations on the 7 year anniversary of the official Neo-Geo thread.

Here's to another (at the very least) 7 years.

And as promised, Geese Howard is here to celebrate the occassion.



I'll see you all around people.


Neo Gunloc.

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Hi guys,


Back with Htaed7 to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Neo-Geo thread. Thank you so much Noel. :) 


From the description,

"Hey gang, this one is a special one (i know i saw that a lot) but im dead serious this time. Not one joyous occasion but actually 2. We are in the timeline of celebrating the 7th year anniversary of the Neo Geo thread over at Atari Age.com (managed by a dear friend and fellow long time gamer: Anthony Durso {"FDurso224", as he is known there}) and also as it turns out coincided with an amazing "Update" made to the base Hyperspin Attraction build i covered recently here. Both of these items make me very happy and congrats are in order to both parties involved. The update can be found in the same place as the main base build (in Arcade Punks website) and the Neo Geo thread can be found on Atariage's website. Until next time, take care. :)"






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Happy 7th Birthday 'to this awesome forum'. Thank you Anthony for all your news and updates. 

You are a true contributor to the gamming community. 


Here is a shameless plugin for a review of the awesome King of Fighter R2, no doubt for the all mighty Neo Geo Pocket Color!



Hoping for another 7 years and beyond.

Thanks Ant for being you, you rock!!


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On 3/22/2021 at 1:25 AM, Tanooki said:

So yeah I think I said I'd do this, finally got around to it an hour or two ago.  This is what makes up my current little world of NGPC stuff.  I miss the original setup, everything was complete, and I had Rockman and Cotton, and my NGPC while the same, was the Sonic pack-in version.  By the time I tried getting these back like 4 years ago, shit hit the fan and idiots were running people off with pie in the sky prices on the paper parts which was unfortunate.  How I ended up paying the loose cost on Biomotor Unitron shocked me then, still does now remembering that.


Great collection!! Thanks for sharing.
I never knew Cotton was on the NPC, such an awesome shump. 

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