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The Official NEO-GEO Thread!

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So here's the deal I'm releasing on neo geo CD at a limited number of copies and neo geo carts I'm limiting to 20 for AES,members in my group get carts first and what is left I will sell.I'm not making any more carts per game as that's my word to gamers so you better move quick to get a cart.I'll limit CD games to 150 and the same applies to CD releases once the 150 is sold I'm not selling anymore of that game.

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46 minutes ago, Charlie Cat said:

A pleasure being part of the conversation Rick. As for the AES games by you. {Please put me down for an AES release on them. ;-)



You're now part of my team,that means you come first for a cart,CD on every game bro.

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1 hour ago, Jag_Mag said:

So here's the deal I'm releasing on neo geo CD at a limited number of copies and neo geo carts I'm limiting to 20 for AES,members in my group get carts first and what is left I will sell.I'm not making any more carts per game as that's my word to gamers so you better move quick to get a cart.I'll limit CD games to 150 and the same applies to CD releases once the 150 is sold I'm not selling anymore of that game.

No mvs? Would love one. 

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Hi guys,

【KOF XV】 The latest patch notes (Ver. 2.10) are here! Update goes live from 12 AM PDT on Sep 12th. It game balance changes, etc. Enjoy! * Note, release times may differ between platforms. Patch Notes https://snk-corp.co.jp/us/games/kof-xv/img/news/patch_2.10_eng.pdf Main Refinements https://youtu.be/DvMM112MlFs #KOFXV



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Hi guys,


訂正訂正【登米e-sports 告知】 9月16・17日仙台駅前イービーンズ9・10階を会場に開催するLANパーティイベントに参戦します!SNKブースコミュニティ大会を開催いたします。 ネオジオで対戦もありますw 以下、イベント情報 公式HP:https://sesa.or.jp/event/98441/チケット:https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/02cmyhrr5n731.html
Translated from Japanese by
Correction [Tome e-sports announcement] September 16th and 17th, we will participate in the LAN party event held at Ebeen's 9th and 10th floors in front of Sendai Station! We will hold an SNK booth community tournament. There is also a match with Neo Geo lol Below is the event information Official HP: https://sesa.or.jp/event/98441/ Ticket: https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/02cmyhrr5n731.html



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Hi guys,

『KOF15』デュオロン先行レビュー! 捨己従竜からのセットプレイで相手を圧倒しよう ・リーチの長さや機動力を活かしたスタイルが得意 ・多彩なセットプレイも健在 #KOF #KOF15 #デュオロン #SNK https://famitsu.com/matome/kof-xv/chara020.html
Translated from Japanese by
“KOF15” Duolon advance review! Overwhelm your opponent with set plays from Sukei Seryuu ・Good at styles that take advantage of long reach and mobility ・Various set plays are still alive and well #KOF #KOF15 #デュオロン #SNK https://famitsu.com/matome/kof-xv/chara020.html



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Hi guys,


Kickstarter for DaemonClaw is up and running fellas. Here's your chance. ;-)




A new fantasy retro side scrolling action game for PC, Sega Megadrive and Neo Geo!

Kickstarter connects creators with backers to fund projects.
Rewards aren’t guaranteed, but creators must regularly update backers.
You’re only charged if the project meets its funding goal by the campaign deadline.




DaemonClaw is a new 16 bit arcade style, fast paced action game set in a rich mythical world, and we're working with BitBeamCannon and PixelHeart to bring it to Megadrive, Neo Geo, and modern platforms!



Each of these three versions of DaemonClaw will have distinct differences including an exclusive second playable character

The second playable character for the Megadrive version will be none other than Gareth, the star protagonist from Demons of Asteborg!



Below is a preview of the still WIP Gareth, adapted for DaemonClaw.


 If you get any of the boxed versions of DaemonClaw, you'll get the Steam version for free! This will let you play the Megadrive, the Neo Geo, and the modern system version as well! 



Now that we've finished “Astebros” and "Demons of Asteborg, we're are teaming up with BitBeamCannon to bring the Megadrive version of DaemonClaw to life. The team at Pixelheart are also working with BitBeamCannon to make the Neo Geo version.


A sudden coordinated attack by the varied mystical 'zverkin' armies has thrown the once peaceful world of Nnar into chaos.  You've been chosen as humanities best hope for survival and given a powerful magical artifact, called DaemonClaw, to aid you in your quest. 


You must traverse the lands of Nnar, through many distinct environments, battling a new cast of foes in every land, confront the powerful leader of each zverkin army, and find a way to end this conflict as quickly as possible.



Can you survive long enough to restore peace to your world and uncover what machinations led to this organized onslaught against all the towns of human kind?


Hone and test your skills as the deceptively agile Elrik Eisenfaust. While you can always count on your basic move set for fast evasion and powerful physical attacks, you must also learn to utilize the incredible power of your magic gauntlet, DaemonClaw, which takes on a new form in each land, giving you new magical abilities best suited to vanquish the new foes you face.

project video thumbnail


Experienced players can discover and master the nuanced elements to the combat. For example, there are many ways to deal with the boomerang blades thrown by the Adleraki (bird-people) of level 1:



While taking place in a epic fantasy world, the plot unfolds fluidly during the action and level transitions. Like classic arcade style games of the past, DaemonClaw is an adrenalin fueled blast. The goal of DaemonClaw's design is a game you'll want to play through again even though you just beat it earlier that same day.



and more ….


These are the first two bosses you'll encounter in DaemonClaw. You'll have to face many others during your quest.


While each level constantly keeps you on your toes with a never ending onslaught of basic enemies, the end of each level is where you'll face off with the most formidable leader of that land, and to make matters worse, they each control powerful magical artifacts of their own, or, in some cases, maybe the artifact controls them...





DaemonClaw's art is being done by Corey and Mike at BitBeamCannon, two long time professional pixel artists who love classic 8 and 16 bit console and arcade gaming and the challenge of getting the most out of the technical constraints of the classic 16 bit hardware. 

If you want to further support DaemonClaw's development, or just like collecting cool stuff, these add-ons can be selected after choosing which reward you want to back. All add-ons will be limited edition, hand signed and numbered by Mike, the lead game designer and box art/poster illustrator for DaemonClaw!



See the 'Add-Ons' selection below for more info on these limited edition collectors posters, 'Art of DaemonClaw' book, and deluxe foil trading card add-ons.


Allister Brimble has already created an amazing original soundtrack to help bring DaemonClaw's world to life and to further fuel the pulse-pounding action while you play. 

Allister has agreed to expand this already great soundtrack if we meet the stretch goal to fund the extended soundtrack!



That's right, three teams are working in unison to bring platform-specific versions of DaemonClaw to the MegaDrive, the Neo Geo, and modern platforms, but no matter which reward tier you back, you'll be able to play all three via the digital version on Steam!

The Megadrive version and the modern platform versions will be finished first, with an estimated delivery date of 8 to 12 months after the campaign funds, while the Neo Geo version will take an estimated 18 months to develop. All backers who backed for any version of the game will get the Steam version first, and the physical versions will be shipped to their respective backers once they're produced.

Everyone who backs any version of the game will also have the option to get exclusive early access to play the still WIP versions of the game digitally, if they'd like to experience the game in it's unpolished form before anyone else and provide feedback to help us make DaemonClaw as perfect as possible before we produce the physical editions and release the official version 1.0!


Want to get some more cool limited edition swag and further support DaemonClaw's development at the same time? After picking the rewards you want to back for, you can add on any of these three cool limited edition collectors items, or get all three together to save on shipping costs. (so they will be shipped together in the same package)



Above is a still WIP rendition of the the art which will be used for the box cover of the physical editions of DaemonClaw. If you want to be able to fully enjoy all it's detail in full scale, high quality poster form then you can get this twin set of limited edition collectors posters. This includes the 'promotional' variant which features screen shots and platform info on the bottom, and the 'full bleed' version which displays the full illustration as large as possible across the entire space of the poster. They'll both be signed and numbered as a collectors pair by Mike, the illustrator and lead game designer.  Only the add-on posters ordered here during this Kickstarter campaign will ever be numbered by the artist, so they are limited in quantity to increase their value to collectors! The size is 18x24 inches ( 45.72 x 60.96 cm)


If you like the art, animations, and design work you see in DaemonClaw, you can add-on the "Art of DaemonClaw" book, which will feature a lot of the in-game, concept, and promotional art in DaemonClaw, along with lots of insights from both artists regarding how and why they came to specific designs or made the aesthetic choices they did while creating all the art!



This add-on gives you two sets of deluxe foil trading cards, which will feature the three second playable characters.

One set will be limited edition, signed and numbered and the duplicate set won't be, so you can keep the signed ones safe. 

If you're getting a boxed version of DaemonClaw you can complete your trading card set with these deluxe foil cards! 

The size of the cards is 2.5 x 3.5 inches (63.5 x 88.9 mm)




Risks and challenges

In the development of highly polished video games which offer lots of gameplay variety, the biggest risk is always delivering on schedule. Luckily the unique partnership for bringing DaemonClaw into reality offers many benefits. BitBeamCannon have already finished most of the required graphics for the game and have spent the last year bringing them to a high polish. The have also already contracted the fantastic game musician Allister Brimble to create the soundtrack and that is also already finished. The modern platform specific version of DaemonClaw is already mostly designed and largely already programmed. Similarly, NeoFid are leveraging their existing code base and experience from creating Demons of Asteborg and AsteBros to quickly bring DaemonClaw to life on the Megadrive.






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Hi guys,


Here's the YouTube video from BitBeanCannon on the Kickstarter for DaemonClaw. ;-)


For those who've not heard yet, our Kickstarter for #DaemonClaw for Neo Geo, MegaDrive, and Modern systems is now LIVE. In this video Corey and Mike walk you through the details.





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