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Philia - Sequel to Elansar - JagCD


Philia for Jaguar CD  

82 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you buy Philia on Jaguar CD

    • Yes, if it cost equal or less than 35$ (25?)
    • Yes, if it is 35$ to 40$ (25-30?)
    • Yes, no matter what !
    • No, I don't have a JagCD
    • No, and I have a JagCD (I hate myst, make an action game instead!)

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Regarding the generosity of some people here willing to donate enough money to buy me a Jaguar CD for me to port Philia the sequel to Elansar on JagCD

I'm asking jaguar fans here if they are willing to buy Philia on JaguarCD once it's release.

This is for me to know if it's worth to spend a month or 2 to work on this project.

Please answer seriously ! don't say yes if you won't buy it ! Thank you very much :)


The details of the game (pictures, video, etc...) can be found here: http://onorisoft.free.fr/elansar/philia_en.htm


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hey my friend.. do you really want the jaguar has 3 MYST GAMES !!!!

(+ 1 Demo)


better make something the jag didnt have :-D


scrolling beat em up, rpg, real time strategy (<- if that contact me)


greetings ;-)


Where's the 'don't like this' button on here...? ;)

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Just wanted to say that I voted 'No Matter What" but that is maybe not completely true. No Matter What covers everything from 41 USD thru 1 million USD (exaggerating here but you get the point). If you come back and say it is going to cost 100 USD or more I think I may have to pass.

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