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Custom Cuttle Cart 3 Box


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Yep, I remember him talking about this, I didnt know it was done!


I'll take one for sure.





Contact Marc O here: http://atariage.com/forums/blog/375/entry-10876-cuttle-cart-3-intellivision/

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Does not have a cartridge retention, but still most awesome. Contact Marc to order and get pricing.....I thought it would be neat to get a box for the Defender of the Crown Demo....with Elektronite's permission of course....

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I would request that nobody do boxes for DOTC demo. This is a Cinemaware product. The reporting on the podcast is correct. Defender of the Crown is not absolutely dead, but on the back burner. I simply do not wish to talk about efforts to bring it to market, because there have been enough disappointments regarding this title. We are not about vapourware at Elektronite, and would like to start announcing products when they are actually ready to buy, and not hype stuff that is 'coming soon'. Our packaging has to be approved by Cinemaware, and any unauthorized box could jeopardize our relationship with them. Please respect that.



Old School is a 'cart only' release, and it is true that it will NEVER be available 'cart only' again after tomorrow. I do not mind people making their OWN boxes, but I do NOT authorize anyone to SELL their own Old School boxes. Elektronite releases have a certain level of quality that I wish to maintain. I reserve the right to release Old School 'CIB' (Complete in Box), and I am not relinquishing my rights to sell overlays and manuals or boxes for the title to people who purchased the game loose.

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There is more than enough stuff 'coming soon'. If anyone wants to find out, they probably know what some people are working on. However, I don't want people to know that i may or may not be working on a Jet Pac clone.

Wait...what's Jet Pac?

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