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Bragging rights bonus round?


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While the official competition is on hiatus would anyone be interested in a bonus round? I'm open to suggestions as to how it might work. Maybe we choose only recently played games from seasons 5 & 6 to avoid playing upcoming titles. Maybe an anything goes free-for-all where anyone posts a score from a recent game in this thread. That might be incentive enough to get others to play and beat that score or decide to post another game someone can beat. No points awarded, just bragging rights. Smack talk encouraged! Thoughts?

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great avatar Dave...


I'm up for bragging rights... I'd like to play Dig Dug, Defender, Donkey Kong, Ms Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Robotron, Galaga, Joust and/or Kung Fu Master, because I missed all those rounds! it seems to always be during a "classics" week that I get bogged down & have to limit my HSC participations


a bonus round is also good for me to help me improve my personal bests for games I like :-D

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