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TG-16 season 3 round 1 Ordyne

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TG-16 Season 3 Round 1


In Ordyne, players must take control of the genius scientist Yūichirō Tomari and his Chinese assistant Sunday Chin, in their attempt to rescue Tomari's fiancée Kana Aihara from the evil Dr. Kubota and his army of robotic minions; the enemies all follow preset patterns (so as not to make the game confusing for beginners) and killing a group of smaller ones or a larger one will leave crystals behind that can be collected and exchanged for special weapons, extra lives or even more crystals at the "Kūchū IN" run by the blue-haired woman Miyuki Chan, and by firing marbles at the extendable rotating target of that big white-handed robot known as "Dream Co., Ltd." They have a total of seven rounds to get through.


Default Settings

No Passwords or Continues

Format: HU Card

ROM: Ordyne (USA).zip

Manual: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Ordyne/Getting_Started

Round Ends: April 14th 2014 at 8:00 pm eastern time

Standings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoY2G6Q0wjz8dFFySnlNSUxMSXhNM210Q1hObjlPTkE&usp=sharing

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this game is kind of similar to Fantasy Zone, I wonder if it's related?


They were made by different companies, so not directly related, though Ordyne is obviously inspired by Fantasy Zone. I also thought it was inspired by Parodius, but Parodius actually came out later.




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end of round 1

player, game id, score, points

DonPedro 1 90780 100

S.BAZ 1 90740 99.9559374311522

wolfman24 1 39200 43.1813174708086

roadrunner 1 35400 38.995373430271

Kida0723 1 34500 38.0039656311963

darthkur 1 24900 27.428949107733

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