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Stunt Cycle - No Sound


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I have an Atari Stunt Cycle console that has been hooked up and sitting on a shelf for sometime. It has been a while since I had used it but all the times I have used it in the past, it worked perfectly. Tonight, I went to use it and while the video displays fine and the game appears to play fine, there is no sound. I've powerr cycled it a number of times and also flipped the volume control between hi and lo a number of times but no luck. Any ideas about what would cause one of these consoles to just stop producing sound? Thanks.

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I have one of these, but it's been a while... speaker built into it like Video Pinball? If so, I bet the connection going to the speaker is bad, probably right at or under the terminals...

Yeah, like the Video Pinball console. Guess I'll have to crack it open and have a look; hate to do it but probably no other way.

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I suppose it's possible for volume switch contacts to get dirty or cold solder joint someplace


make a note which way the throttle control plug is oriented on the board before you unplug it ,


no need to completely remove throttle pot or speaker as I did but I was able to do it without unloading the throttle spring




some pics of your board to if you please :)


I have a non-working unit , someone penciled on the board "no picture" in upper right before I acquired it but I wound up getting a picture eventually just pushing on what I believe to be a color pot to the right of IC chip (sheilding removed)


my game still doesn't seem to start & my diagnostic skills are still limited


when I twist throttle the bike on screen does a brief wheelie but doesn't move

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