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What's Wrong? Cart or Genesis?


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So, I got a Genesis ver 2 almost free. It didn't come with an AV cable or power adapter. I took it to a vintage game shop and they got Sonic to play on it, so I assumed - hey it's good. We had to hold the power cable in a specific way for it to work, but I can fix that.


I bought Desert Strike, Power Adapter & an AV cable and brought it home. Desert Strike will not start. The first screen comes up "Produced by SEGA" or whatever and then nothing happens. Did I get a bad cart. Is there some compatibility issue with this game and Gen version 2?


I fixed the power adapter by resoldering the posts - discovered that it had been repaired previously. If anyone has the right size power port, it could use a complete new one. This one is cracked and is suspect.


Edit - Desert Strike is the one and only Genny cart I have.

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I know Virtua Racing doesn't Work with anything other than Genesis model 1. That's all I know of.

VR works on ALL Sega models except the Model 3, which works with a simple mod, running a wire to the cart slot. It works on most old Asian clones, and some of the newer clones that were derived from the Model 3 chip if you also do the Model 3 mod.


As to the game not working, could be bad pins on the cart edge... either shorted or open. Can't tell which without actually checking the cart with the proper equipment. You could try the cart on a different Genesis to see if it works or fails the same as on yours. That would narrow it down to the cart being the problem, or the console.

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I'm afraid there is a problem with the cart slot on my Genesis.


Eh.. If this is the only cart you have, I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet. In my experience, some of the EA games could be finicky. I don't know if it's the weird cart design or what.. but get yourself a typical Genesis cartridge to test first before you go out on a limb like that. :P

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Yep - since I bought this cart at an actual store (FX Game Exchange in Plano, TX) I took it back to them. They tried it on a few other Gennys and it did the same thing. They gave me a CIB copy instead that we verified worked on my Genesis, so I'm good. I can play my lone game and like it.


My re-solder job on the power port won't hold forever. I need to get like a full 45 watt adjustable iron to really heat up that center post as right now its more like it is just "solder adjacent." Works better than when I got it though - also there are fewer roach carcasses inside.

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