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TG-16 Season 3 Round 3 Burning Angels

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TG-16 Season 3 Round 3

Burning Angels

Burning Angels is a vertical shooter by Naxat Soft. The cute Dr Kaga, the 'Burning' project leader, has been kidnaped by some evil forces and two girl pilots, onboard their prototype fighters (Dragon and Phoenix), join forces in a desperate rescue mission. Each player can either choose to fly Dragon or Phoenix - or both at the same time during intense two-player simultaneous plays. Each fighter comes equipped with an unique arsenal of lethal firepower - Dragon is equipped with wide lasers, missiles and side guns, and Phoenix comes with Bubble lasers, explosive missiles and rotating side guns. Special red spaceships also drop power-up icons when destroyed - they come in various flavors such as Side Guns (B), missiles (M), extra life (L), power-up (P) and special star icons. The latter must be collected to charge up the burning bar located at the bottom of the screen. When full, the power can be used to launch a powerful attack and get the two fighters to temporary merge into a destructive bird of fire.


Default Settings

No Passwords or Continues

Format: HU Card

ROM: Burning_Angels_(J).zip

Manual: Could not find one

Round Ends: April 28th 2014 at 8:00 pm eastern time

Standings: https://docs.google....TkE&usp=sharing

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