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Lunar Jetman - new game for FLOP magazine


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Lunar Jetman, awesome conversion of 1983 famous ZX Spectrum / BBC game (the source is BBC version), made by our friends Fandal and Irgendwer for FLOP diskmagazine.


post-12528-0-99933300-1397589227_thumb.png post-12528-0-79401200-1397589228_thumb.png




Click on "Stad", load disk B, enter "jetman.com".

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Fantastically beautiful graphics and very dynamic moves.


My sence is that It's a new stream of ATARI games.


Very impressive and dynamically balanced graphics and OLD gameplay drive.


I can't remember anything like this modern games earlier.


May be the main reason is: PC to Atari programming?

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There is some information here: Lunar Jetman - Spectrum BBC


You can get to the various sections of the manual by clicking on the icons in the upper right area.

Thanks for this, the game before it is Knight Lore which Fandal etc [XXL!] also recently ported to the Atari. So (slighty wiser) you have to load up the buggy with stuff and use the bridge thingys to cross craters... will play again soon :)

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Managed to kill one of the alien thingys by dropping the bomb on it - seems to carry on like this - no levels as such... will re-read the docs. Incrediby frustrating game but still quite addictive! You can carry stuff on the truck (including the bomb) and pull down to get a piece of track to fill in craters. Space and Shift needed so keep joystick near the Atari! Return does a smart bomb. I guess the skill is using the different items to your advantage.


Would be nice if you had some indication of distance as you can be driving towards the base and get a missile at short notice! The speed increase when there are few moving objects on screen is one of the biggest issues.


5,210 is the best I have managed.


Lunar Jetman is a little bit different from other games we have, thanks for porting this one guys :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


"but there may be other hidden objectives for you to discover." ??

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Thank you for making and sharing this wonderful conversion with the A8 community, Fandal and Irgendwer! :thumbsup:


What a cool game!


Lunar Jetman seems to combine some elements of Moon Patrol with Jetpac/Jetboy (the latter of which is also new to me) and, being a more complicated/complex game than either of those two, adds some interesting problem solving too: the player needs to find the enemy base before it shoots missiles at him and the player will need to repair potholes in the lunar surface made by explosions/virtual shrapnel in order to drive the Hyperglide Moon Rover towards the enemy base(s). :jango:


In addition to Fairlight, Jet Set Willy 2007, Manic Miner and Skool Daze, Lunar Jetman is one of my favorite conversion to A8 games. :grin:


Though it is the ZX Spectrum version not the BBC micro, I have attached a copy of a text .pdf of the manual for Lunar Jetman.

Control instructions are helpful.


Thank you again very much Fandal and Irgendwer for making and sharing Lunar Jetman and thanks to Philsan for facilitating its release.


Best Regards Fingolfin

Lunar Jetman (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) Manual.pdf

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