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what about a pool for the best game of all time


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I have played both versions of D'naught. I can't say I have an opinion regarding the orientation of the game at all. I tend to prefer the Intv version, but I can't really identify why. There is a hack of the 5200 game with different Dreadnaughts in it, so that is a positive for the 5200 . . .

Yeah, some more dreadnaught layouts sounds really cool.

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couple of days more and we will have the verdict for best game ever and best homebrew


intellivisionaires will catch the developers of winning titles for an interview :-)


what do you think of this tournement?

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I compiled a top 20 ranking from the results of the tournament. 1 - 9 was pretty easy just by viewing the results of rounds 3 and above. Besides the direct winners, I favored positioning in the group and then used vote total across the last 4 rounds to break any ties. By positioning in the group, I mean for example that Shark Shark finished ahead of Tower of Doom in Round 4 group B, so regardless of previous votes, SShark is 3rd and then would compare to the 3rd place game in Rnd 4 group A B&B. I then used total votes to rank SShark vs B&B. To determine positioning for places 10-21, I had to pull in vote totals from round 2. This method was decisive for every position except #12 & #19 where I made a judgement call and declared Atlantis #12 ahead of Tron because of it's large vote total in Rnd 1. I also chose to place Dreadnaught Factor #19 ahead of Dracula because of the fact that it received so many votes as the best shooting game. If that is too complicated for you, no problem. Here is how it shakes out:



Rank Title 1 Treasure of Tarmin 2 AD&D (Cloudy Mountain) 3 Burgertime 4 Astrosmash 5 Thundercastle 6 Beauty and the Beast 7 Shark Shark 8 Bump 'n Jump 9 Tower of Doom 10 Major League Baseball 11 Lock 'n Chase 12 Atlantis 13 Tron Deadly Discs 14 Utopia 15 World Championship Baseball 16 Diner 17 World Series Major League Baseball (ECS) 18 Chip Shot Super Pro Golf 19 Dreadnaught Factor 20 Dracula 21 Nightstalker



Nightstalker received no votes in Rnd 3 and was eliminated. Sentimental favorite or not - because of it's 0 vote total among these games, it is debatable that it even belongs in a discussion with them.


Edit - that was formatted as a table and the formatting was removed. I'll start a new thread where it looks prettier.

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