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New Release! --- April 2014 News!


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Here's time for a new release!

a port of the MTX game : Telebunny (also available on MSX)





Bunny and Turtle are trapped in a maze filled with fruit and dangerous snakes. At the start of the game, all fruits are disguised as hearts. When Bunny passes over a heart, the fruit (lime on the first level, then pears, apples and so on) is revealed. Turtle roams the maze, eating all fruit in his path. On some occasions, the heart turns out to be broken. Broken hearts are deadly to Turtle, but when a snake passes a broken heart, it is turned into a carrot. When Bunny eats a carrot, she turns into an alien and can destroy the snakes. If a broken heart is left alone, it turns into a fearsome mosquito which hunts down Bunny.

The maze is filled with bridges and tunnels so that Bunny can escape the snakes. One of Bunny's abilities is to dig holes in the ground, to reappear in one of the tunnels. After a while, the holes fill with water, where the snakes may be trapped. The thirsty Turtle, on the other hand, just drinks up the water.

Turtle is usually a free-roaming creature, but by holding down the fire button, Bunny can send commands to Turtle in order to guide him to the fruits. For each fruit that he eats, the name of the fruit is spelt out. When it is fully spelt, a door in the top of the maze opens. When Turtle passes through the door, you proceed to the next level.

Don't be fooled by the simplistic graphics, this game is FUN & ADDICTIVE!
Only 80 available!
- 50 NTSC Style box
- 30 PAL Style Box Billingual Version , support both English and French
We may or may not make more copies, depending on demand
Here's how to get your copy:
Simply send $50 + shipping (see fees below) to this paypal:

(Remove the anti-spam tags manually, or else it won't work.)
Shipping fees:
USA/Canada: $12 + $3 for each additional game
Europe: $15 + $3 for each additional game
SHIPPING DATE: 1st week of June
Here's a video of the gameplay:


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Payment sent.


Just noticed that this game wasn't in the lineup of game releases for 2014. Man, this is going to be one crazy expensive year if all the planned releases are made by CollectorVision, Team Pixelboy and Opcode Games!!!

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Someone should get that Colecovision Revolution website up and running and help spam these homebrews all over the net!


This game should be hitting 250 copies made!


:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

:-o Who.. me? :P I'm working on it but i've had some difficulties with the hosting, I need to go with the bigger $99 package or just I need a better hosting solution perhaps but its Under Construction at the moment.. I still have some software that I need to.. re-acquire. ;)


Gee, I really should start a new thread on this and get some opinions, feedback and suggestions on what CV fans want to see! :grin: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :grin:

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