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CF card splitter cable


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After having moved the CF card between my nanoPEB and my PC at least 20 times tonight to test a program I wonder if it would be possible to build a splitter cable with a switch that would allow you to switch between connecting the CF card to the TI or the PC?


I know you can use CFHDXS1 to transfer files from the PC, but even with CFHDXS1 on a cartridge the physical card switching has proven to be faster. However, it still takes about 30 seconds, and each time you run the risk of damaging the nanoPEB or wiping out the CF card (Windows 7 insists on formatting the card every time you insert it).




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Actually the Windows 7 formatting dialog would also appear with a splitter cable (if such a thing was possible). I usually just ignore the dialogs until I have 10-20 of them open. The fact that the dialog doesn't close when you remove the CF card is evidence of sloppy programming by Microsoft.


The actual issue is that it takes some force to remove the CF card from the nanoPEB, and at one point something will break - hopefully only in the IDE to CF adapter and not in the main board. That reminds me, has anyone successfully used a CF to SD card adapter with the nanoPEB? An SD card would be easier to remove and I would be able to use the built in SD card reader on my laptop.

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