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OVGE 2014 coming August 9th, 2014 to Broken Arrow, OK!


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From the humble beginnings of small white blips on an oscilloscope to the mighty Atari 2600 VCS began a new form of entertainment that would change how people interact with their TVs, computers, phones, and eventually with each other. Now come back for a day to see how it all started and to once again live in your youth and share your fondest memories with Mario, Pac-Man, all your favorites including the adventure square! As IvoryTower Collections, All Your Base, and PJ Gamers are proud to present the:

2014 Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition!


Oklahoma's Original Retro Video Game Exhibition Returns

TULSA, OK – Classic video games will return from history, as mid-America's one and only OVGE returns for the eleventh Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition!

On August 9, 2014 video game collectors and enthusiasts from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and even further will travel together to PJ Gamers in Broken Arrow to celebrate the history, hobby, collecting, and entertainment of the video gaming industry. “Before the OVGE, people from the surrounding states had to travel across the country for events such as this,” said Jesse Hardesty, founder and organizer of the OVGE. "And since the very first OKGE back in September of 2003, we have inspired many other retro conventions in the surrounding areas."

Come and celebrate a day of very family friendly competition, discussion, buying, selling, trading, and showing off of our beloved hobby on August 9th during the 11th annual OVGE!

The new facility offers space for many new ideas and including the largest free play arcade the OVGE has seen yet!

So please, visit the new website generously hosted by Earl Green at TheLogBook and send in those table requests! The new website has all the details for table pricing (our cheapest prices in several years), along with the event layout, and registration forms. August 9th will be here before we know it! We thank each and every one of you who have supported us and look forward to seeing you all at the PJ Gamers facility on August 9th!

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Couldn't say which cabs will be up and going during the event. I can tell you that we plan to move out the cabs that aren't working at the time with cabs from my collection and others that do for the event at least. Additionally, if my math is right...I've managed to made room in the layout for at least 30 uprights! I'm really hoping we can fill that for this year!

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Update time! We only have 13 tables left for this year's event! Additionally prices on the tables increase at the end of this month. So don't wait and send us an email to reserve space for the event. So far we are looking to have our largest vendor and exhibitor setup yet along with space for 30 arcade cabs!


Please visit OVGE.com for full details. How to reserve space, location, vendor and exhibitor list, along with the updated floor plan and we thank you and look forward to see you at PJ Gamers in Broken Arrow, OK on Saturday August 9th!

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Neato! A dear friend of mine from my freshman year of college (class of '99) was from Broken Arrow. She and I hung out constantly that year good times. She got married in 2012 and I attended her wedding.


Totally irrelavent but nice to see BA on the map. A bit too far for me to travel though... :P

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OVGE is pleased to announce a long time exhibitor who has been abscent the last few years...

Yes! Josh Dunbar will be returning once again to OVGE with his awesome paintings and drawings of our favorite video game mascots and other inspired works!

With the addition of Josh and our newest vendor Vintiques we are now down to our last 9 tables!

Remember table prices increase on July 1st for those who haven't paid yet and for those wanting to reserve tables, get those emails and messages to us now!

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Aaannnndddd.... We are sold out! Yes! All tables and spaces are now claimed for this year's OVGE 2014!

A few changes are still needed to the site as well as an updated layout. But OVGE is proud to announce several new new vendors attending OVGE this year!

Give a welcome at OVGE to the following new vendors:
Microsoft - will be on hand to show off the latest from the Xbox One along with the Surface Pro 3 and discount offers and many of their products
CHedley Designs - a local artist from Oklahoma who creates video game mascot plushies and other creations.
SlowPoke-A-Go-Go - another local artist, they will have pokemon charms, and other creations on sale at the event.

And some new exhibitors this year as well:
Ephriam Zachary Knight - a game developer from Oklahoma will bring with him games on display and resources for getting started in game development
Alex Benito - from the OKC area he will have various retro games on sale
Shawn Bailey - is an auctioneer for American Amusement Auctions and will have several full size arcades and pinballs setup for play and purchase

The above are just some of the new vendors and exhibitors attending the 11th annual OVGE this year! With a total of 30 total vendors and exhibitors, this is the largest gathering for OVGE!

Remember the visit the OVGE website for all the details and listings of who and what will be there! We look forward to seeing you all there August 9th!

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Who wants to win their own fullsize arcade game?!

For the first time in our 11 years, the OVGE is honored to be able to bring to you the chance to not only add something really cool to your collection and your home, but to also help a charitable cause in the process!

That's right! You get to own your very own arcade game and help the poverty stricken children through Education in The Dominican Republic!

"How do I win my very own arcade game!" You may ask? Easy, during the OVGE there will be raffle tickets available for purchase for $1 each. Yes...$1. You can buy as many as you want and increase your chances to win! Towards the end of the event on this coming Saturday, we will hold a drawing and pick the winning ticket and hopefully that lucky ticket belongs to you!

If so you will be taking home a full upright Robocop arcade game originally released by Dataeast back in 1988.

Here is some youtube video showing gameplay!

Stay tuned for more details and pictures of the prize!

Actually I took pictures tonight, but they sadly didn't come out and I will have to take them again. The game is currently on display at PJ Gamers! So feel free to stop by, take a look, and then put some money towards owning your own on Saturday!

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