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Introducing new 30k/Superchip demo: Bang!


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Hi there,


an here's what I've been working on (VCS wise) in the last two years. A demo trying to squeezing out as much as possible out of the 2600: Bang!


I've already setup a webpage where I want to put up some more informations about the demo at: http://xayax.net/bang!/


Right now it only contains the links to pouet.net and the download which is also attached here.


Have fun!


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At work right now so can't check it out, but what's the premise or object of this? Sounds like it could maybe be a Bomberman clone... have you got a couple of screen shots you could post?

Screenshots are available at the pouet.net page. There will be a one for every part on the demo webpage, once I get to upgrade it.

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Curious why you don't favour the illegal op codes?


No real reason, I just never got accustomed to them. The ca65 was also used in default configuration, illegal opcodes disabled. I realized it rather at the end of the project and decided to put out that claim. Or as Ninja / The Dreams put it, once he saw it: "so there's still space for improvements".


The next couple of weeks, I want to set up a repository reflecting my "The first selfcoded A2600 demo" workshops, with the slides, example source code, template source code, etc. After that, at least two of the tools I coded myself will go open public: fridgegrid was already introduced here in the boards, and I also hacked up a tool called "apefat: A Poor Excuse For A Tracker", an editor for a slightly improved Music Kit by Paul Slocum.

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Since it's done: no. ;-)


But a rough estimation on how much memory could be "saved" would be interesting.

Not really possible, without digging very much into detail. Overall the code looks good and quite compact. There are hardly any peephole optimizations possible. On global level I already found some more, but one would have to understand the code better to recognize more options.


Best guess: maybe 5% (~200 bytes)


BTW: You can ask e.g. SpiceWare or enthusi about my work there. :)

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Really cool... can any of these effects be applied to playable games? Yup, I'm a noob.


Yes, indeed. The "sprites in a circle on a C64 lookalike system" part is using a multiplexer, that allows an arbitrary number of sprites on the screen, as long as there are no more than two on the same scanline (plus some offset for switching to the next one). Another constain is that the circle maxes out the possibilities of the X position. Since the sprite data needs to be sorted, it wouldn't fit 1:1 in another code, but using it would definatly save some time, since it took mit three weeks to complete, including the time spent on four failed versions, which forced me to start writing it from scratch again, to learn from the mistakes I made in the current version.

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