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Introducing new 30k/Superchip demo: Bang!


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Thanks to Thorsten Günther's status update, I recently purchased this:


post-3056-0-77689200-1482939093_thumb.jpg post-3056-0-88778000-1482939375_thumb.jpg



And can now better appreciate this part of the demo :D

post-3056-0-97902200-1482940484_thumb.png post-3056-0-11413600-1482939326_thumb.jpg

For those who've not seen it, Raumpatrouille Orion is Germany's first Sci-Fi TV series and it's awesome! I watched it with my folks Christmas day and my mom, who's not normally into shows like this, was the one who kept saying "let's watch another episode!". The episodes are an hour long and we ended up watching the first 4. We plan to watch the rest when they return from their New Year's vacation in Mexico.
I'm going to write up a blog entry about it soon, and will include instructions on how to add subtitles as the series is only available in German.
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Thanks for putting up this nice side-by-side comparison. :-)


There also is a nice drinking game: everytime you spot a household tool, like a flat iron, you dinkt a sip. It's not a game for light drinkers. ;-)\


In the bonus matieral of the DVDs there's a gala. There, as a small anekdote another prop was introduced: a pencil sharpener.

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We spotted a number of things, one would get drunk fairly quickly playing that game :lol:


I checked the bonus material on the first 2 DVDs, but I learned German in the early 80s and haven't used it since so don't recall enough of it to follow along without subtitles.


I haven't looked at the third DVD yet with the episodes recut into a movie. I'm not sure what wiki meant by trash culture, but apparently that wasn't well received by fans of the show.

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There always was something that I wanted to know: would this demo work without a Harmony cart? Or any other cart that includes a microcontroller?

So I asked @Albert to sell me one of those "old" boards that use a GAL for bankswitching and an original SARA RAM chip. I added my own memory chip (I used a flash chip 27SF256, since I expected to add some workarounds), but it worked the first time I tried. So I can now finally state that the hardware requirements are the same as "Fatal Run". Well, except for the ROM contents. ;-)

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