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CG's Multi-System HSC: Season 2 Round 1 "Planes, Planes, Planes"

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For this week the key item will be planes. Each of the games has some sort of aircraft carrier. The games chosen by me are Combat (Atari 2600), Choplifter (Atari 7800), and Top Gun (NES)





Combat - I know this is a 2 player only game, so as 1 player take out all your frustrations on a defenseless plane. Play on Game #25 You can use either color you want.


Choplifter - This game will be scored as thus (# of rescued men (white) - # of men killed (red)) as your final score.


Top Gun - Try and get the highest score.



Bonuses: Complete up to 3 of the 4. Each one worth 2 points each


Make a plane. This can be anything. It can be as simple as a paper plane or complex to building a model plane. Picture required.

Play any other game involving a plane for any other system besides the Atari 2600, 7800, or the NES.

Actually be successful in landing the plane in Top Gun.

Score at least 20 in Combat.

Round 1 ends Thursday, May 15th 2014 at 12:01 AM

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Choplifter - 59 saved :cool: - 5 dead :skull: = 54 total score :D .





Combat - 32




Top Gun - 33,400







Combat - 32 (see above)



The official Atari paper aircraft:





Other game w/ plane - Nemesis (Game Boy)





Landed fighter on Top Gun



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Airplane Bonus

attachicon.gifAirplane Bonusb.JPG








oops I just noticed you said that... but it says the round ends Thursday May 15 ??


right you have 1 minute on Thursday, as soon as the clock turns to Thursday meaning late wed night, by the way you only get credit for 3 of the 4 bonuses.


landing that plane is a bitch, I did it the very first time I played Top Gun, haven't since, maybe I need to pull out the power glove

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ya I don't know if I've ever landed that plane :?

+ i didn't like the game enough to care...

even still, i played it kind of a lot, 'cause at that age I played whatever I could get my hands on!


i definitely dodged that bonus point!


I finished my Top Gun game just in time to post before 9pm! (PST)




...my full submission (if EST):

Combat: 33

Top Gun: 14100

Choplifter: 38 (51-13)


+Combat bonus

+make a plane bonus

+play airplane game bonus (Advance Wars 2)



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