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QUIK POLL -- TI Multiplan



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  1. 1. Do you have a copy of Multiplan

    • Yes
    • No
    • Don't know
  2. 2. Do you still use your Multiplan

    • Yes, all the time
    • Yes, sometimes
    • No
  3. 3. Did you know there was an 80 column upgrade?

    • Yes, I use it
    • Yes, but I've not bothered getting it
    • No, it's news to me

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Didn't M$ create TI-Basic?


:grin: Nice one. Actually TI-BASIC is a variant of ANSI BASIC, while Microsoft did not create it, I do believe they developed/adapted it to work with the TI. In fact when I was in college I was amazed to see how similar it was to the BASIC on the PR1ME mainframe I was using.

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Microssoft started out as a company that did BASIC conversions for lots of different flavors of home/hobbyist computers. It made sense for TI to contract the development work out to them when the 99/4 was in development, as they were the experts in that field at the time. On most other systems. Microsoft got their way and just adapted their own interpreter to the new architecture--the TI variant required ANSI though, which wasn't widely used in the micro systems of the day. The only other machine I know of that used it was the COSMAC ELF. . .

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I used Multiplan for some business stuff and other minor uses. Went to PR Base then TI-Base. Forgotten all of it after 25 years of disuse. A free checkbook program that came bundled with my 1994 Mac, a calculator and a scratch pad now do all I need for cost tracking.

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