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CORGS-con May 31, 2014 - Columbus, Ohio


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Hey all!


If you live in Ohio or an adjacent state, CORGS (Columbus Ohio Retro Gaming Society) is holding their annual convention on May 31st. This show has grown exponentially over the years and now stuffs the largest ball room in the Fort Rapids hotel full of Retro Gaming goodness.


This is the home convention for our show, Now You're Playing with Podcast. One of our goals with our booth at the show is to help the convention grow from a mere swap meet to a more fully featured video gaming convention. Our booth at the show will have games for sale like the other booths, but we will also have a couple video game tournaments and we are looking to record a live episode of Now You're Playing with Podcast as well.


If you are in or near Ohio, CORGS is well worth the drive. Stop by our booth and say hello!

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CORGScon is this Saturday!

Come visit Now You're Playing with Podcast's booth! Here are the events we will be holding...

9am-10am: early bird hour
11am: Chu Chu Rocket Tournament
12:30pm: Smithereens! Tournament
2pm: Video Game Jeopardy!
3:30pm: Live podcast with guest Michael Thomasson, the owner of the World's Largest Video Game Collection.

Come join us Saturday!

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The Jeopardy contest was just getting started while I was there. Looked like lots of fun. Overall, the crowd was good but not so large that you couldn't move freely around (which I appreciated).


I bought some great things (Bound High for Virtual Boy, a boxed Impossamole for the Turbo Grafx, Revival (homebrew) for the Turbo Grafx and a new Atari 2600 game that I can't recall the name of at the moment but was told that it is an updated version of Adventure). Saw a bunch of other cool items (hats that look like Q*bert, video game character cookies, perler bead video game art, game boy advance custom shells) and a bunch of other games that I would have liked to have purchased (Colecovision homebrews, 5200 conversions, Sega Dreamcast games).


I also got to talk to Michael Thomasson which is always a good time. I originally met Mike at a Philly Classic back around 2004 or so. He was a great guy then and still a great guy now. I also had a chance to say hi to Darrin Patterson from the Warp Zone in Hilliard. If you live near Columbus and haven't been to the Warp Zone, you should check it out. An all-retro store with a ton of Japanese imports. Plus Darrin's a cool guy just to talk to.

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