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Vector Pong (Vectrex)

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The Vectrex was missing a version of Pong in its library so I knocked up a quick version.

1 or 2 players.

Analog or digital controls.

Normal Mode or 'Battle Mode'.

Optional moving obstacles.


Enjoy! :)


*edit* v1.01 Update - Various bug fixes, better opponent AI, more visible barriers in 'battle mode', improved deflection of the ball and faster speed.


*edit* v1.02 Update - Various bug fixes, better opponent AI, better digital controls, improved sfx.


*edit* v1.03 Update - RHS wall bug fix, tweaked ball speeds and bat position now determines serve angle.


*edit* v1.04 Update - *Properly working* RHS wall deflect bug fix, tweaked ball speeds.


Read more: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/982/vector-pong?page=1#ixzz34qOmxSdf

Read more: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/982/vector-pong?page=1#ixzz34qOmxSdf

Video of Battle Mode


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That site responds with:


Guests do not have access to download attachments. Please log in and try again.


To post the screenshot here just click on "Use Full Editor", which can be found below the textbox. That'll expose the controls which let you attach files.
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Works perfect. Yesterday i thought, there is a real multiplayer pong missing (only the one player pong) and searched around. And today searching again - i find this multiplayer elaborated pong. .-) So i have to program another game or make discrimination pong again .-)

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Looks like a great version :D


The battle mode reminds me a bit of Sanrio World Smash Ball for the Super Famicom :)


A bit of constructive critique would perhaps be that the AI behaviour is a bit obvious at the moment as it keeps tracking the X position of the ball even as it moves away from it.

A possible way of making it act more natural could be to only track the ball when the ball's Y velocity is moving it towards said AI player.

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Excellent Pong for the Vectrex, really! But I'm missing Spinner-Support (f.e. Atari Driving Controller doesn't work). possible with the next update? ;)


If you're taking requests for controller support, it would be awesome to have this Pong game work with Fury's Overdrive controller (maybe it does already, I haven't tried it yet)



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It ought to work fine with that controller. I'll probably add in spinner support in a future update.

That would be awesome ;-)

HEX, another hombrew game, works fine with the Atari Driving Controller (not the Paddles).

I tested it on Original Hardware and Richard Hutchinson´s VecMulti.

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