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Draconian (2600)

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On 5/10/2020 at 4:37 PM, Utilikey said:


Great addictive game that you completed.  This is my high score to date!  616000.  It's been awhile since I played it, so I hope that the score will stand for awhile...


Thanks for posting your score! I need to practice as I'm well off that mark haha. Agreed addictive! Did you clear all sectors in a quadrant with that score?

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wasn't finished
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Long, long overdue...

Thank you so much for making this.

Not only is the game a real technical wonder, it's also extremely playable and has become the mainstay of "Atari nights" we're having, alongside Medieval Mayhem.

Truly a masterpiece!

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@Nathan Strum - @MikeMika tweeted about the X68000 version of Bosconian today. Never heard about that home computer before.


I like the extended launch sequence (at 0:55).  The Extra Cannon message and transition from single to triple frontal firing (at 1:03) suggests a power up or a game variation.



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Review of Draconian from Japan!



Wish I understood it better - ich kann Deutsch, hablo español, but I don't know Japanese and YouTube's closed captioning with auto-translation seems a bit...




off, and often goes for periods of time without any captions at all for what he's saying.


I did like the information slides he made:




He also did one on Mappy that @johnnywc might enjoy:




As well as one on the Melody board used by Draconian and Mappy:



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I also found the reviews in text form on his web site. I added a Google Translate link, it defaults to English but you can change it to other languages using the dropdown at the top.

Translations are still a bit off, such as this bit where I'm sure he's talking about the digitized speech samples:


When you start, you can hear the sound during the game! I was also surprised that the ATARI2600 could produce sound! ! This is undoubtedly a god transplant. I will defeat the green station


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25 minutes ago, SpiceWare said:

I added a Google Translate link


Translations are still a bit off, such as this bit where I'm sure he's talking about the digitized speech samples:

Try DeepL! IMO it provides better quality than Google:


When you start the game, you can hear audio throughout the game! This was another surprise to me, that you could hear audio in the ATARI 2600!!! This is also unmistakably a divine port. Defeat the green station!

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