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Old School Order Thread

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My apologies. Old School was not optimized for PAL.


The difficulty levels are mostly to do with the two bullies wandering randomly or coming directly after you. There is a slight speed increase too. PAL is probably going to be a bit faster all around. The only thing that I suggest is to play on the easiest level and give it your best shot.


In the new year we are considering looking at some enhancements for the game and will definitely put some PAL adjustments in it if we do go ahead with the overhaul. We would reprogram people's circuit boards for the cost of postage if we go ahead with the upgrades. (No promises that we will actually upgrade the game and do a running change)

Ok. I can't tell the difference between normal and fast speed. The bullies zip around like they're on steroids. Also it is hard to turn (you can't catch a gap in the wall). I'd be glad to send it back for re-programming if that is ever available. It just needs a tweek for PAL on off switch in the options or perhaps an option to adjust the speed from unrestricted to very very slow. The card has memory it could remember your preferred settings.

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