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TG-16 Season 3 Round 6 Magical Chase

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TG-16 Season 3 Round 6

Magical Chase

A side scrolling shooter. The game's protagonist is a witch flying on a broomstick, along with two anthropomorphic stars, which serve as Gradius-style options. The game is very similar to Cotton.


Default Settings

No Passwords or Continues

Format: HU Card

ROM: Magical_Chase_(J).zip

Wiki: could not find one

Round Ends: May 20th 2014 at 8:00 pm eastern time

Standings: https://docs.google....TkE&usp=sharing

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very disappointing that the game suddenly ends and it does not give you your score! I was doing fine, only died once & after beating the 4tth or 5th boss it said "breeze mode ends here" & didn't show the score. 171k is the last I saw my points but I know I got a lot more than that!


it says 'default settings" -- I guess that means to play on Breeze mode? It only lets you play the 1st few levels. if you get to the boss in the flying ship which squeezes you vertically, you'll probably want to pause it there for a pic, or hit print screen or whatever.

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