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30th anniversary 7800 MultI Cart #1


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I seem to have come into the possession of 35 of these.



I would like to ship as many of these as I can by Tuesday of next week. here are the details


$30 each

Shipping in the US is $4 in a bubble envelope

Shipping is $5.50 in the US in a box


international shipping, please send me a PM with your address and I will get you a price.


When making your payment, I prefer a "gift" or "family and friends" payment, however it is not required. Please include your address, Atariage Username and number on the list.


If I don't hear from you by WED of next week I will send a PM to you and you will have 1 week from the time of the PM to complete payment or your cartridge will go up for sale to someone else.


My Paypal ID is Atari181@juno.com


I will also gladly take checks,cash, or money orders


here is the list as CPUWIZ put it together


1.) Austin-PAID

2.) bennybingo-PAID

3.) mmervine-PAID

]4.) iesposta-PAID

5.) Allan-PAID

6.) toilettunes-PAID

s7.) Mitch-PAID

8.) Trebor-PAID

r9.) gambler172

10.) atariLBC-PAID

11.) cmart604- PAID

12.) Marc Oberhäuser-PAID

13.) atari181_PAID

14.) Mayhem-PAID

15.) GaryH917

16.) mckafka99-PAID

17.) TrekMD-PAID

18.) davidcalgary29

19.) Firedawg-PAID

20.) Coleco

21.) -^Cro§Bow^-

22.) tep392-PAID

23.) OldSchoolRetroGamer-PAID

24.) Hyperboy-PAID

25.) Jinks-PAID

26.) UberArcade_PAID

27.) streps

28.) JohnnyBritish

29.) edweird19

30.) Justin42

31.) gorfcadet-PAID


34.) swlovinist

35.) evg2000-PAID

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