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CG's Multi-System HSC: Season 2 Round 2, "Racing for the finish"

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I've decided to post the next round today so players will have 3 weekends for this round.

These games have to do with racing. The games I have chosen are Mario Kart 64 (N64) F-Zero (SNES) and Pole Position II (Atari 7800)





Mario Kart 64 - Time Trial - Star Cup - Bowser's Castle. (you can use any racer you want)

F-Zero - Practice - #5 Silence - (you can use any car you want. I advise very strongly you don't chose the yellow car)

Pole Position II Track #4 Suzuka (only play the qualify lap, once you cross the 10,000 point finish line pause the game and your lap time will be the score. If you don't qualify, keep going and your score will break the tie for last)

Bonuses each one is 2 points, you can do all 3 for a total of 6 points

1. Play any racing game that gives a lap time for any other system besides N64, SNES, or Atari 7800 and doesn't have the words Mario Kart, F-Zero, or Pole Position in the title of the game.


2. Post a picture of a street sign that tells you how far it is to get somewhere. (In the US these signs are usually green and will sometimes give two or three cities followed by a number, this tells you how many miles are left)

3. Name a sponsor you'd want to have if you really were a race car driver.

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