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If you could have three...


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Figured with the depressing "worst arcade games of all time" threads, we'd have one that focused on the good :).


So, hypothetical situation. If you were only able to play/own three arcade games for the rest of your life, which would they be? IE: Which do you love the most that you couldn't live without? And this includes ports, so you'd be cut off from any Xbox Live or Neo Geo CD games, etc.


For me it's:


Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Daytona USA

Star Wars Arcade Trilogy


Runners up:

Virtua Fighter

KoF 99

Sega Rally


Ms Pac-Man


I know I'd really, really miss my runners up. But I think I'd slip into depression at the thought of never seeing another cabinet of the first three :).


How about you?

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Tricky... actually I'd probably go a pinball in my lot.


Daytona USA 2 player - somewhat ancient in comparison to modern drivers but one of the best arcade games.

Rygar - probably played it in MAME than any other game. Despite it's age has plenty of variety and replay value.


For the pinball... that's a tricky one. Probably a narrow victory to Terminator 2 over Cue Ball Wizard and Getaway: High Speed 2.

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For me, MAME cabs make owning "just one" a moot point. Just sayin' :)

No ports are allowed, therefor only original arcade hardware. No MAME, no NES, no Atari 7800, etc :)


Outrun (Or Terminator 2 pinball, if those are allowed)

Daytona USA

Sure pinballs are allowed :). Hmm, I guess if that's the case I need to add a couple pinball units to my runners up tab...


Glad to see a lot of Daytona USAs listed!

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Top 3


Star Castle



Runner's up

Time Soldiers


Dragon's Lair

Super Cobra



If I could throw in a pinball machine, it would be The Addams Family for sure. TZ as a runner up.

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I'd only agree to own only these three if I still were allowed to play other people's machines.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Addams Family (pinball)

And then either Road Runner or Rampage, to relive some childhood memories of the local 7-11.

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Tough tough tough choices here...


I would want a little variety, but still 'classic' -can't live without type experiences, so:


Jr Pac Man (runner up: Ms Pac Man, Trog)

Spy Hunter (runners up: super off road, super sprint)

Twilight Zone (runner up: Adams family)


A maze game, a car game, and a pinball game.


The problem is, there's too many good ones to live without: Elevator Action, Marble Madness, Dragon's Lair, etc

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Just three? Damn tough call but I guess before I over think it:


1. Computer Space - Atari : for the awesome styling and just the significance of it, great conversation piece.

2. Dragon's Lair - Not that I am a big fan, and I SUCK at it but just something about how it was THE machine to watch people play, the tech was impressive for the time.

3. TRON - OK it was a tough choice for me between Star Wars Arcade / Star Trek / Tron because I love SciFi and the look of these machines but in the end gotta go with TRON

for the cool factor.

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