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TG-16 Season 3 Round 7 Lode Runner

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TG-16 Season 3 Round 7

Lode Runner

Lode Runner: Lost Labyrinth is an exact conversion of the original Lode Runner. However, this version features one hundred levels which mostly differ from the original ones. Another difference is that the levels scroll.

This is a platformer in which the protagonist needs to collect all gold which is spread out over the levels. Unfortunately there are a lot of enemies roaming around which should be avoided. The protagonist can't jump and so he needs to resort to ladders and horizontal ropes for dodging. The only way to temporarily get rid of a guard is to make a hole in the ground where they can't get out when falling in. After a certain amount of time a hole is filled up and a trapped guard respawns.


Default Settings

No Passwords or Continues

Format: HU Card

ROM: Lode Runner - Lost Labyrinth (Japan).zip

Wiki: could not find one

Round Ends: May 28th 2014 at 8:00 pm eastern time

Standings: https://docs.google....TkE&usp=sharing

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rats I got over 121k but lost the score again. I realized that is from selecting "no" at the beginning - do you want to use the save memory" -- that's what makes your score show after the game. no biggy that was my 2nd time getting past level 8 & first time to 11 which is almost like a bonus-round

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Again, the score just before my last life. however, I didn't score any points on that last life, just got killed.

Level 22 is a doozey. There is only 1 pile of gold which seems impossible to get.

but I've figured it out now, drop off the ladder (the one in the middle of the room) as the boy is climbing up, then get right back on the ladder which will make him climb up again & go where you need him to go.

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