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The PacManPlus Sanctioned 30th Anniversary Cart! NO PM'S!


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My opinion is,that everybody who wants one,should have the possibility to get one.I see many guys in the forum,who you not see a lot.

And later on EBAY.... :(

And cause i always arrive at home in late evening,i have no chance to post right time :(

It is 30 th anniversary....and everybody should take part :)

Greetings Walter

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Keine Sorge, Walter. ;)


As for more, maybe 10 or so, I do not and will not have enough parts to make them. For instance, I had no offers for donor carts and I asked over a week ago. I wish I could just make donor carts appear for these kind of projects, but I am not that kind of wizard. :(


Thanks everyone, your love for Bob is noted and appreciated. :thumbsup: No payments will be accepted from anyone, until ALL carts are done. No pre-order BS, you buy it, when it's done. Something goes wrong, I am the only one screwed and nobody is out of any money.


I only had a minute to pop in, I need to get back to work.

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