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Matterhorn tiger vision very rare for sale


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Out of interest - doesn't PayPal protect buyers - irrespective of whether they purchase an item through ebay or a private dealing?

A few years ago I bought an item from Asia initially from correspondence in an online forum and then the deal struck through emails. The item never arrived and the seller couldn't provide a tracking number. I opened a dispute with PayPal and it was awarded in my favour and I received a full refund. It was $80 plus postage.

So, in this respect, if you are going to buy something from a newbie - isn't it safe enough if you just make sure to pay with PayPal ? (And make sure not to pay through the 'gift' method)


Well of course - I never pay with anything online without going through PayPal. Also, in a swap situation, its imperative that both parties get tracking numbers, keeps everyone honest. :thumbsup:


Sending a check/money order/goods/etc. to a 'stranger', blindly = Turning your back on a pack of rabid dogs. ;)

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Morning Guys


Clearly from reading the thread some of you understand why I am a little bit annoyed. I have no interest in vintage gaming personally so I don't have any references. I have provided a youtube video stating my username and playing the game am not sure what more I can do apart from put some pictures up which I have now attached.


As some of you have said this is a marketplace so I am looking to sell the game not get smart arse remark whilst I understand you all have to be careful I don't welcome this abuse. I am registered on a karting forum in the uk and there is one user than does nothing but argue with people and posts his smart arse remarks when people ask questions. guess what people now stop posting on the forum because they are feed up with it. Its does make thins site look very welcoming.


I want to sell the game so if anyone is interested please do let me know. I have just sold hypnotic land and the buyer seems very happyI

Believe me, this thread is nothing, a few jabs at a no feedback seller is to be expected...anywhere you go. This place is definetily one of the kinder forums around so really, it's not that big of a deal.Just put your big boy pants on and roll with the punches. If you can't handle it then keep trying to get top dollar on Ebay, but good luck, lol. I really don't think anyone cares that much anymore about your game after seeing your asking price



*edit - spell check :)

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I really don't think anyone cares that much anymore about your game after seeing your asking price

Wow, no kidding! A boxed Matterhorn wouldn't even go for that. I think you seriously overestimated the 8-bit market a bit.

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I didnt have any intrest but I find it amazing that at 10:26 sunday morning the op stated



The item is untested as I haven't got a console to test it.


then at 3:56 that sunday afternoon there's a youtube video of him playing it on the console that he doesnt have to play it.


So, dude pops out of nowhere with a rare game, magically cant post a picture but links a youtube clip, cant test it cause he doesnt have a console, but then posts a youtube clip of him playing it? What about this doesn't reek of horse hooie ?

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You misunderstand; its not so much a "Pollyanna attitude" as it is not wanting to be jaded/hateful about something that is supposed to be a FUN pursuit.

I always think of that - "supposed to be a FUN pursuit" - every time a scumbag scammer comes in here and disrupts what is usually a very trustworthy buy/sell/trade microcosm that we generally have here, because being scammed or even propositioned with a scam is acutely NOT fun. Ask someone who has been scammed for affirmation!


Its rather like a woman being done-wrong by a German guy in her past, and thus despising ALL Germans from then on....pretty ignorant/fearful-minded, eh?


That analogy compares apples to oranges. A woman dating a man is an interpersonal relation where people meet face-to-face, look each other in the eyes while exercising requisite good judgement (if possessed), and if a genuine interest, money is not necessarily germane to the relation. A lying, Johnny-come-lately scumbag scammer is remote, there is neither eye contact nor significant opportunity for judgment of said stranger, and the situation is entirely about money. Forum transactions depend upon a level of trust that is quite uncharacteristic in the modern world. That trust is uncharacteristic, or Ebay (and similar entities) would not require an enormous and complicated protection/dispute-resolution system that is perpetually in action. Obviously, it's there for a reason. The uncharacteristic trust that forum transactions rely upon is easily-violated (or attempted to be violated), and any scammer with two brain cells to rub together knows this. That's why those malicious opportunists flock to forums. This is really quite simple to understand; I don't see any surprises.


Smart forum buyers must exercise a healthy skepticism on an internet rife with scammers. Any seller who lacks a long-standing reputation for excellence and begins with a first post of some "rare" expensive item is immediately suspect for reasons so obvious they need not be enumerated, save for the most naive fool. Any new seller (or alleged seller) who comes into the forum lacking that understanding (or pretending not to understand) is either (1) incurably naive, or (2) an actual scammer. If the new seller is not a scammer, it is their responsibility to assuage suspicion via the many good suggestions made by others, earlier in this thread. Indeed "proving oneself" works well in many of life's little situations, including this one.


Rather than accuse forum members of some malfeasance of attitude in appropriately discouraging the constant onslaught of online scammers, I rather lament the scammers themselves; they are responsible for fostering a suspicious environment. <Insert "a few bad apples" cliche here> I also encourage new, legitimate sellers to recognize the universe we live in is not that of Polyanna.

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