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DANG...Genesis isn't working, I needs the help!


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There's really no way to diagnose any issues on the motherboard unless I had some kinda spec manual, but even then, that's a lot of work and multimeter stuff. I'm going to try to reflow the solder on the connector, but if that doesn't work, I don't know. The thing is the board looks pristine, no burn marks, nothing. The jacks, the solder points on the big chips, everything looks good. I'll put up another post if the resolder works.

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And if you don't feel like recapping I have plenty of Gen 1 sitting in my house I have some version 3 with no TMSS up to 7 with the crappy sound or if you want to go model 2 I have plenty of them too love you sure that it's only your system that's bad I have tested all of mine and all of them are good if you don't need controller TV hookup and power I'll sell you a system for 15

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