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Kaz Kompo 2013 - vote for your favourite games from the last year


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Robo Type - by TDC, Wieczór, Insert, Bober (game supports stereo)


The Rockies - by Honza Nemec


Rolltris - by MaPa, PG


Search of the Spectrix - by Peter J. Meyer


Slovenian Quiz (educational game) - by Gury


Soccer Pong - by Iron, Miker


Speedway One - by Grevle (GentleBaron), Emkay


Sumator - by Mr. Wolf


Super Mini Robbo - new levels: Sikor (original "Robbo" game: Janusz Pelc)


Table Football M4+ - new multijoy version: Fandal (original "Table Football" game: A.J. Wilson)


Tetryx - by Pirx, Miker


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This is the last part of Kaz Kompo 2013 entries presentation:

Venture - by Peter J. Meyer, Kjmann (the only commercial game in this set, first version released in 2012 - check the official site)


Where is Elvis? - by Zdenek Burian (text adventure in 2 versions: English and Czech, written during Forever 2013 party)


Wybierak do stolca / Invasion from Excrex - by mgr_inz_Rafał



X:8 - by Xuel, José Pereira, STE'86, TMR


Xirius Defect - by Matosimi


And the last one - I've found that this game was missing on the list:

Robbo Lucky - new levels by Sebastian Wolany (the original game: Janusz Pelc)


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Because of the forgetfulness about "Robbo Lucky" Xeen decided to extend the voting time: we vote until midnight of June 22nd.


The game was added to the list. Please download the most recent games package (all the entries except "Venture"; please bear in mind, that six 10-line BASIC games are combined into one file: Basic Ten-Liners.atr).

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I really wanted to play all of the games but the World Cup has got in the way!

Very difficult to pick only 10 this year. I look forward to seeing the improved and updated/final versions of some of these games.

Great work everyone... keep it up :thumbsup:


X:8 10pts - hope the final version will live up to expectations!

Amaurote-128 9pts - Simply superb. this game was one of the best ever and now it's much much better!

Balz 8pts - very nice indeed, just the scoring lets it down, play for level reached

The Hunt 7pts - need to play this a lot more but I like these turn based games.

Deathchase XE 6pts - great fun; hope to see an update with improved baddies/A.I.

Mahjong XE 5pts - at last a MahJong with crystal clear graphics. High score save for each design is a nice touch too.

Heli In The Caves - Extended Edition 4pts - tough to get into but offers some longer term play

Battle Eagle 3pts - nice intense blast

Alien8 2pts - another offering long term play. Nice isiometric game supporting 130XEs RAM too

Assembloids XE 1pt - hope to see an update with some easier difficulty options!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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First of all - Thank you very, Very, VERY much for all your votes, comments, corrections etc.

Number of voters:50


More details (important for Bluki and Bunsen, especially ;) : http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1403810823


Here are the results:


1. Assembloids XE 323 points


2. Deathchase XE 279 points


3. The Hunt 267 points


4. X:8 256 points
5. Balz 180 points
6. Heli in the Caves 172 points
7. Battle Eagle 147 points
8. Rolltris 146 points
9. Alien 8 123 points
10. Amaurote 128 101 points
11. Robo Type 78 points
12. PET Galaga 72 points
13. Dynakillers Unchained 64 points
14. Mahjong XE 55 points
15. Xirius Defect 50 points
16. Helicops 34 points
16. Wybierak do stolca / Invasion from Excrex 34 points
18. Kiki Pong 33 points
19. Daffy 28 points
20. Piranha 26 points
21. Koza Fighter 24 points
22. Attack of the Mutant Pigeons 23 points
23. Venture (commercial) 21 points
24. Tetryx 20 points
25. Sumator 14 points
26. Soccer Pong 13 points
27. Speedway One 12 points
28. Table Football M4+ 8 points
29. The Horde 7 points
29. The Rockies 7 points
30. Liczenie obrazków 6 points
30. Motorki 6 points
32. Asteroidz 5 points
32. Centment 5 points
33. Another Stupid Game… 4 points
33. Super Mini Robbo 4 points
34. Box1ng 3 points
34. Where is Elvis? 3 points
35. Jan Ken Pon 2 points
35. Labirynty Robbo 2 points
35. Perfect Pitch 2 points
36. Deathrace without Jason Statham 1 points
37. Atari Sudoku 1.3 0 points
37. Boulder Dash Mugen 10 0 points
37. Boulder Dash Mugen 11 0 points
37. Boulder Dash Mugen 12 0 points
37. Boulder Dash Mugen 13 0 points
37. Boulder Dash Mugen 14 0 points
37. Boulder Dash Mugen 9 0 points
37. Boulder Dash Mugen Extras 0 points
37. Catch the X 0 points
37. Dev War 0 points
37. Dice 2013 0 points
37. Heisser Draht 0 points
37. Impact 0 points
37. Mini-Race 0 points
37. Moonlander 0 points
37. Munching Mandy 0 points
37. Oxygen for Life 0 points
37. Polcon 0 points
37. Race against time 0 points
37. Robbo SWS Magnetic 0 points
37. Robbo SWS-1 0 points
37. Robbo SWS-2 0 points
37. Robbo SWS-3 0 points
37. Robbo SWS-4 0 points*
37. Search of the Spectrix 0 points
37. Slovenian Quiz 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 27 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 28 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 29 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 30 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 31 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 32 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 33 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 34 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 35 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 36 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 37 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 38 0 points
37. Tre Robbo 39 0 points
37. Robbo Lucky 0 points

Edited by xeen
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Congratulations everyone :thumbsup:


This compo is a nice way to round up the games that you might have missed.

It's hard for some games to get any votes when there are so many good games: take Dev War, a very nice game. Overall the format of the competition is good :thumbsup:


As Xirius Defect did so well perhaps a few of you might checkout Xirius Defect "XXL" it would be nice to have some feedback! I'm sure the other games author's would appreciate some too ;)


How about retrospectively running the compo for the previous few years? (or would there be too many games)....


Is there a version of Robo Type on an ED disk that will run on my 1050? please :(

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Congratulations to Assembloids XE authors and to all authors that spent a lot of time to make those awesome games.


It is worth noting that like Tempest Xtreem in 2009 (5th place), this year Venture (23rd place) was penalized because commercial.

Unfortunately not even a demo was released...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Is there a version of Robo Type on an ED disk that will run on my 1050? please :(




thanks to Homesoft! here is version 3 of Robotype as a single file-version. Attached it here on a 90k ATR image in packed and unpacked form (Robotyp3.XEX is the unpacked version, CodRob.XEX is the Code3-Cruncher packed version). Think the disk will boot the packed gamefile. But you can easily copy your prefered version onto a new disk and load it with a bootloader (e.g. PicoDOS) or a gamedos (e.g. MyPicoDOS)...


Edited by CharlieChaplin
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