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Sega Genesis having video output troubles


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I recently bought two genesis systems on eBay, and both have had the same issue. When using Rf as the output, it displays a black screen with moving white lines and what looks like the game between them. When using the DIN connector to composite, there is no video signal. Both consoles have had the same issue, with the same black screen and lines. I've tried different games, TVs, RF adapters, and tried cleaning the slot. No luck as of yet. Has anyone else had this issue?

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I had this issue. The problem was the power adapter. Are you using the official genesis block with the correct voltage. I had a 9v NES one on mine and it didn't output any video until I replaced it with a 10v adapter. I now have a problem myself with the system crashing, but as to the video problems, changing the adapter fixed the issue.

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