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CG's Multi-System HSC: Season 2 Round 3, "Don't Bug Me"

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This fortnight's selection of games will all have to do with those pests, insects, bugs, etc.

Mame - Millipede (default) - http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/56828/mame103/Millipede.html


Apple IIe - Bug Attack,



Gameboy Color - Frogger (Frogs eat bugs)






Bonuses: Do both for 5 points. No partials. Screenshots required for both

1. Play another bug game for any other system besides the Mame, Apple IIe, or Gameboy Color

2. Play a game that was a bug (easter egg) that's hidden. Tell what it is.

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Sorry for my lack of participation lately...my main computer went down May 1 and I had to rob my second computer of parts just to get it back working again. Since then I've lost a hard disk and a video card and am waiting on a few items before both are fully functional again.

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Bugs game: "Bugs" (Atari 2600)




2. Play a game that was a bug (easter egg) that's hidden. Tell what it is.


I'm assuming "was" is a typo, play a game that HAS a bug...


I played Yars' Revenge (also a bug game :-D ) which has an easter egg.


for some reason I failed to activate the easter egg today, though I have never had trouble doing it before. I may be wrong, but I think it still counts because it says to play a game that has a hidden bug, tell what it is -- doesn't say find the bug & get a screenshot of it... but I will understand if that was what you meant CG!


telling what it is... the easter egg in Yars' Revenge is the programmer's initials forward and backward: HSWWSH. it appears when your Yar loiters on the vertical black line after sniping the flying Qotile with your Zorlon Cannon. activating the easter egg screen also ends your game. I have no idea why it didn't work for me this time, but here is what it looks like:


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Bug Game - Cosmic Swarm (Atari 2600)




Bug (easter egg game) - Adventure (Atari 2600)


The "bug" being that you find the secret item/dot and place it in the correct hallway, along with a couple other items. This allows one to pass through the barrier and view the game designer's name in the secret room.


post-10357-0-95421800-1402494502_thumb.jpg post-10357-0-13096000-1402495031_thumb.jpg

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