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So... Desert Bus


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So... Desert Bus as a rom image for the Genesis instead of a SegaCD disc image. Does it exist? Is a quick and easy isolation of the mini-game to a cart possible?



Probably not unless someone has the source and all the tools the original developers had. You'd have much better luck recreating it in BasiEgaXorz.



UPDATE: For instance, this guy re-created Crazy Cars on the Genesis with BEX


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Is the entire game loaded into RAM? If so, and there's no in-game streaming from the disc, maybe there's a way to extract the code from an emulator RAM dump, though obviously it'd need to be extensively modified at best.


Yeah, even after that you'd have to modify to relocate everything to run from a cart and you'd have to modify the code to use none of the Sega CD specific hardware. You'd probably also have timing issues to fix because the 68000 in the Genesis is slower than the one in the Sega CD.


It would probably be easier just to re-program it entirely.

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