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Beamrider (Vectrex)


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Hi just a quick announcement that I am currently in the process of writing a version of Beamrider for the Vectrex. This is my first attempt at a vectrex game so it might take a while to complete! :)


Anyway here is video of what I have so far (eg. not much)





if you are a Vectrex fan why not join our facebook group "Vectrex fans unite!"



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Looks cool! I have a SWTPC 6809 that I'll eventually need to repair, but once I get it up and running, I'd love to start messing around in 6809 assembly. I only know 6502, but I understand 6809 is far superior with an improved instruction set, 2 accumulators that can be combined into a 16bit register and other 16-bit features. I'm not familiar with Vectrex programming, but is it basically all done in some assembler using 6809 code? Or are you using modern tools and writing in something like C that compiles it into 6809? No judgement if you do. :)

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yes all done in assember (although i think it is possible to use C also)


6809 seems very good processor with more addressing modes than 6502.


I am teaching myself 6809 using this book




and using information from this web page:




plus lots of reading Mine Storm and also other peoples source codes ;)


I use the excellent ParaJVE emulator and ParaJVD debugger.


more vectrex programmers the better!

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