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Uncharted 3 is free right now (mistake?)


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Not sure if this is a mistake but grab it while you can, it worked for me (even though I own a copy):




read it here:




I had to search for it on the store and then click on it and then it came up with a "download to all PS3's" link on the left.



edit: no psplus required....its for everyone it seems.

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So, if you downloaded it, did you get to keep it?


Yep I think it worked. Its 5GB and I have no expiration date on it. I got the game for free last year as a PS Plus member and there no longer is an expiration date. I ran it and was able to load up a single player campaign so it looks like I "own" it now.


I already have the disc version. My favorite games of last gen besides maybe Skyrim or Dragons Dogma.

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