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Game won't work...


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Are you sure the game is not in your game list? The installer "bubble" still being there after installation is normal for downloaded PS1 games, to allow you to install the game to a PSP or PSV if you want to. If you press Square button until the games are grouped by format (i.e., by original game platform), does the PS1 folder definitely not have the game in it? If it really isn't anywhere after "Installation complete," I don't know what could have happened, but if it's just the installer bubble's presence being misleading, then everything is as it should be.



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A ps1 game like that will be downloaded as an installer all the time. So the game is there just fine. Copy it to the psp or vita if you're going to run it from those machines. If you were going to install it on the PS3, as most will run on the ps3 as well if not all, just press the triangle button and install it on the ps3 from that menu.

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Still not there. Talked to a person at Sony and was told to go into "safe mode" and perform "file recovery". Problem is no screen so I have to find my old composite video cable! Using component right now. Also about cartridge comment...what PS1 games came on a cartridge? Where did they plug in? In that "slot" behind the laser drive? lol

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When you downloaded it did it show up on the screen as a bubble? Click it and select install.


If it says "install complete" the bubble will remain there but go down to where your games are and change your sorting options and look for it. It could be hidden in a folder etc.


I've never seen or read about issues with PS1 installs so it sounds kind of strange.

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