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Atari Super Pong: Question about batteries and power cord


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Hello all,


I recently picked up an Atari Super Pong console and it came with a power cord. So I hook it up to my TV via the coaxial adapter and I plug in the power cord and the TV gets just static. When I unplug the power cord, the console works fine and the game starts up.


After doing some research, I learned that this thing takes batteries and I found 4 working D batteries in the thing - but I'm not sure why using the power adapter would cause the console not to work. Even taking out the batteries and running on just power did not work. Any idea what might be wrong?


One other thing I note is that on the TV itself, while the picture is fine, a lot of static noise comes from it so I just end up muting the TV. I know the console generates its own sound, but is it normal for the TV to play loud static?

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test the power adapter with a voltmeter .... also what is rating of power adapter ? it SHOULD be rated 6v (six volts) DC


the TV should be muted & that static sound is normal (you should hear it in full surround sound :o )


when not in use REMOVE THE BATTERIES !!! they can corrode & ruin the system if left for an extended time ...if you see some corrosion it can be cleaned with white vinegar usually

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I unfortunately don't have access to a volt meter but the adapter says it's 5.5 VDC. From looking around I've read that either 5.5V or 6V will power this. Strangely, when adapter is plugged in, it doesn't work - even if the adapter is not plugged into a power outlet. It seems just having something in the power plug on the unit causes it to turn off (even if it was previously powered on and working). Does it seem that something is wrong with the console or the adapter? It seems strange to me that having the AC adapter plugged in (but not to a socket) causes it to turn off.

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hmmmmmmm I wonder if perhaps the polarity of your adapter is different than whats required by the unit


is your adaper something like a "Sears battery eliminator" or "Pong battery eliminator" or is it some other brand


...messing around with mine I discovered the same , with adapter plugged in it breaks the circuit from the batteries ... confirmed this with a multimeter


I would suspect perhaps AC adapter isn't working or where your plugging it in the wall isn't working ... I reluctantly placed pin for adapter on my tongue and got the desired effect ... multi-meters are inexpensive ...should be less than 10 bucks



I discovered my battery eliminator was going bad in this process ... where the cable goes inside the cube if I stuff more of that cable inside it will make a connection ....


opening up that cube might be a challenge ....not for the squeemish!!!

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