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2014 Classic Game Fest August 16, 17 in Austin, TX


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The Classic Game Fest is expanding this year from 5000 to 25000 sq ft!


There will be a number of guests, including yours truly - I will be giving a presentation on writing Atari Homebrews. Schedule hasn't been post yet, though I did ask to be scheduled for Saturday afternoon.


Palmer Events Center

900 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX 78704

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I was disappointed in last years event........ although I knew it was going to go through some growing pains. I was delighted to see that the event took criticism constructively in addressing the main 2 problems.......lack of space, and lack of vendors (was pretty much a monopoly of who sold games). I think this year will be a whole lot better from looking at their website, and look forward to going and seeing Spiceware's presentation!

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Not sure if I will be there this year, but knowing an AA member will be giving a presentation helps a bit.


I know last year was their first attempt, but it was pretty disappointing for the price... little more than a vendors hall with sellers you could totally patronize the other 364 days of the year.

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AtariAge will be present at the Classic Game Fest with a large number of Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 systems setup for play all weekend. You'll be able to try out some of the latest homebrew games, upcoming games to be released later this year, and other games currently in development. Darrell Spice, Jr., author of Medieval Mayhem and Space Rocks for the 2600, will be on hand to present a talk about creating new games for classic Atari consoles.


Hope to see some AtariAge members at the event! Stop on by and say hello!

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I guess I need to try and make it down. I'm only a few hours away after all.


Does anyone need help with their booth/exhibit/whatever? As unusual as it sounds, It might make it more interesting to actually WORK the show. PM me if that is interesting to you. I've met Al before at PinFest, and I'm a swell gent . . . References provided by request

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Does anyone know how big the vendor area is? I mean is it a swap meet, and are there several vendors. On the website it just listed Game Over, and I would like some parts.

It's quite big--the entire show space is 25,000 square feet, and the vendor space occupies most of that. There are then four large areas where game consoles will be setup for play (AtariAge is running one of those), and a large stage for Cosplay, speakers, music, and other events. Much larger than last year's show. I'm not sure why they haven't listed all the vendors on the main website--they seem to be posting updates to Facebook in lieu of posting on the main site.


Here's a press release from two days ago with additional information:


CLASSIC GAME FEST 2014 - the biggest RETRO video game convention in Texas

August 16-17 - Palmer Events Center - Austin,TX


The biggest retro gaming convention in Texas, Classic Game Fest (www.classicgamefest.com), just keeps getting bigger by the day! Already one of the top ten largest retro gaming events in the USA, for 2014, Classic Game Fest will expand to over 25,000sf of exhibit space including a huge vendor area to buy and play classic video games, consoles, merchandise, and more! The 7th annual Classic Game Fest will be an event to remember attracting over 4000+ gamers from all over Texas and beyond.

At Classic Game Fest 2014, over 20 local Texas-based artists will be on hand to create and sell unique gamer-inspired arts and crafts. Retro game tournaments will be going on all weekend long at massive tournament/demo areas and projected onto the walls for the entire crowd to enjoy! Live video game music performances including VGM rock bands, chiptunes artists, hip-hop performers, and comedy acts that gamers of any age will absolutely love will rotate on stage. Costume contests for kids, adults, and best group/mash-up will be held and led by international cosplay star – MarieDoll (www.facebook.com/mariedollcosplay) . Also featured at CGF will be a free play arcade featuring over 20+ classic stand up arcades from the 80s and 90s along with an amazing video game museum.


-Marie Doll – international cosplay star and recording artist. She will be the official MC and guest judge of all costume contests at CGF2014. This year, costume contests include amateur, professional, and best group/mash-up divisions. www.facebook.com/MarieDollCosplay

-Darrel Spice – Game designer and homebrew master to show off and talk about creating new games for the classic Atari consoles.

-Ernie Cline – Best-selling author of Fanboys and Ready Player One

-Brett Weiss – Author of the “Classic Video Games” series of books documenting the entire history of gaming.

-ACC – Austin Community College Gaming Program – get valuable information on how YOU can make a living making video games.

-Nerdcore Comedy showcase featuring Alex Ansel – Laugh out loud comedy for nerds, by nerds. J

-Austin Toy Museum – Dedicated to opening a massive classic toy museum featuring action figures, toys, and of course – video games!

-Extra Life Gaming Charity – raising money for the Dell Children’s Hospital Foundation. Also a percentage of ALL profits from wristband sales at Classic Game Fest are being donated to this wonderful children’s hospital in Austin,TX.

-Free play ARCADE! – Come play over 20+ classic stand up arcades from the 80s and 90s.

-RETRO Gaming tournaments – Go for true retro gaming glory with over 14 tournaments for valuable prizes, trophies, and bragging rights!

-Star Wars 501st – local Star Wars fan group will be out in “force” for photo ops and featuring classic Star Wars video games to play at their booth!

-Ghostbusters ATX – local Ghostbusters fan group ain’t afraid of no ghosts AND they’ll be set up at CGF to take photos and play vintage Ghostbusters video games with fans.

-Vintage Apple and DOS computers – all set up for demo and available for sale!

-Game Over Videogames – TONS of retro game systems, games, and accessories for play and for sale!

-Vintage Video Game Repair booth – get those old cartridge batteries replaced, new NES pin connectors, N64 analog sticks, and much MORE - quickly and easily!

-Cash For Games – Video game buyback booth, so bring in your old games and trade them for CASH!

-Video Game Museum – come see everything from the original Atari all the way up to Xbox presented by Game Over Videogames. www.gameovervideogames.com

-Plus many MORE exciting VENDORS, SPONSORS, SPECIAL GUESTS, and FUN for the whole family!


MEGARAN – AKA Random; David Ramos – Ocarina master; Decendants of Erdrick; Gimmick – the video game band; The Returners; Doug Funnie; Codename Trigger Thumb; 1up – Creative Mind Frame; Droidekka; Crayonoids; DJ Roborob; Sievert; MonsterVision; Greightbit; Ten Pixels Tall; and NAVI-the Smash Bros band.


Artist booths are already SOLD OUT, and only a few game and merchandise vendor booths are still available! For information on booth pricing and availability, please email info@classicgamefest.com . For up to date CGF news and updates, check out www.classicgamefest.com or www.facebook.com/ClassicGameFest .

Classic Game Fest is a trademark of and sponsored by Game Over Videogames – the #1 RETRO Video Game Stores in Texas! All rights reserved – 2014. For more information, please visit them online at www.GameOverVideogames.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GameOverVideogamesUSA .

For all media inquiries, please contact DAVID KAELIN at 512-428-4883 or email info@classicgamefest.com






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I'm planning to be there.


Maybe I'll look into getting a vendor booth. I have a ton of dupes I need to unload, and I really don't have time for eBay these days.


If you're serious about getting a booth, I would not waste too much time. I think they've sold most of their space.



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If you're serious about getting a booth, I would not waste too much time. I think they've sold most of their space.




Thanks. I am indeed Serious.


I emailed them and filled out the contact form as well.


Hopefully my S.O. will help me man the booth. She's eager for me to get rid of my dupes as well!

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5 hour drive from Shreveport so it's plausible I may show up. I'll prolly need to crash in a motel for the night if I want to attend the Spiceware presentation Saturday. I had a blast at the Texas Pinball festival so why not? I'll finally get a chance to meet Albert this time around...

There's also the Houston Arcade Expo, on Nov 7 and 8th (Friday and Saturday). I'm sure i'll be giving my presentation there again. It'll probably be easier to hear too as there's dedicated presentation rooms. Classic Game Fest is new to this so aren't really set up for presentations - I'll be up on the stage on the main floor, hopefully it'll work out OK.



Does anyone know how big the vendor area is? I mean is it a swap meet, and are there several vendors. On the website it just listed Game Over, and I would like some parts.

here's the floor plan, though they haven't finalized the booth assignments yet (supposed to get that next week):

CGF2014 floor plan - 7-30-14.pdf



Maybe I'll look into getting a vendor booth. I have a ton of dupes I need to unload, and I really don't have time for eBay these days.

If you are serious :ponder: check with them ASAP - on the 26th they were down to just 5 booths.
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