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Season 12 Round 1 - Donkey Kong Jr.


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Welcome to round 1 of the 12th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!

The first 9 games have been pre-selected and entered into a random list generator. So you guys know the games, but not the order.

This round ends on Sunday, July 6th.

Title: Donkey Kong Jr.
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: June, 1986 (US)



Play "Game A". You can play with a Donkey Kong Jr. cart or Donkey Kong Classics cart.

Scores so far:

Current standings:

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Weird occurrence here at the end. The bird got me as I was jumping for the goal and the "caught" sound emitted. Instead of completing the death sequence DKjr instead landed behind the bird as if he was missed but the game locked up thereafter. I'm glad this happened on my last life otherwise I would have been quite pissed.

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Round 1 Results

darthkur 189,800 +25

roadrunner 149,600 +18

Mangia-Boy 98,600 +15

Lid 63,800 +12

Ashkin2002 53,900 +10

LarcenTyler 48,300 +8

DonPedro 37,500 +6

Jibbajaba 36,300 +4

jblenkle 27,600 +2



darthkur 25

roadrunner 18

Mangia-Boy 15

Lid 12

Ashkin2002 10

LarcenTyler 8

DonPedro 6

Jibbajaba 4

jblenkle 2




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