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Minicraft (Notch) Inspired game in development. (Video found on YouTube)


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That is using PAL Blending and it's in GR.15 where:
BAK on all screen scanlines it's black


-> Odd scanlines: white, gray and dark gray

-> Even scanlines: green, blue and brown


It then produces the blending between them increasing the number of colours (similar to those GR.9+GR.11 Project M by NRV).

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Just stumbled apon this, while browsing for new Atari-related videos on YouTube. Looks interesting.


Nice find! I posted it before I went to vacation last week... Wondered who will mention it first... AtariNerd, you earned your place in greetings list ;)


It looks very nice indeed. Aren't there too many colours per horizontal line though?


But... There are many colors on screen ;)


All regular Atari graphics... And Players and missiles are not even used yet :)


There will be more info... Soon ;)

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Of course :)

I'm working on sprite animations this week so I'll be able to send you something more interesting than 'only map'.

My deadline is tomorrow, "only map" will do for a starter... =-)

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You may need to enable the international character set ;-)


It is looking great by the way, best wishes with it.

Very Funny!...

And what's the problem? You have [é] on ATASCII just POKE 756,204 to have the International Character Set enabled (indeed there is only one or two letters from Portuguese Alphabet that there's missing there...):



Edited by José Pereira
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it is only big scrolling Picture . . .?

No... Lots of cool stuff going on under that shiny surface :)

Of course it's far from finished, there is plenty of even cooler stuff to be done...

Hope it will be finished in next couple of months... I'll try to keep you guys informed...

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  • 5 years later...
8 hours ago, Yautja said:

Any news on this project, so far?

2014 !??!! Like it was yesterday :)

My daughter was born in 2015 and all plans went out the window :)


Code is still in my dev folder, I did publish Monk that year in abbuc compo. It is basically this older version world generator + rpg-item-fight-zombies engine under the hood of simple gtia screen.
There are no technical obstacles to make this pal blending version. Only problem is lack of time as always... Plan is to add underground, crafting like original minicraft, etc. We'll see.
Think first will be improved beatemup based on my small entry for abbuc this year.


Stay tuned ;)


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