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PRO ( C ) ATARI Magazine - Issue 2


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PRO© ATARI - Issue in german available NOW! English version will follow the next weeks, we will keep you posted... The translator Steve moves at the moment from England to Australia, so he is really busy at the moment, please be patient.

So here final the infos for the german edition

Hallo werte ATARI-Gemeinde...


es ist vollbracht und wir gehen in die zweite Runde. Das PRO© ATARI - Ausgabe 2 ist in deutsch AB SOFORT erhältlich. Die englische Übersetzung wird noch ein paar Tage dauern - ich werde Euch auf dem laufenden halten. Und wieder präsentieren wir auf 32 schicken DinA5-Seiten wieder reichlich um und mit den Atari XL/XE:


Mit der ersten Ausgabe konnten wir weltweite Reaktionen hervorrufen und entsprechend ebenfalls Beiträge, wodurch das Heft abwechslungsreicher geworden ist. Ebenfalls wurde versucht, die Kritik der ersten Ausgabe, was Schriftbild/größe angeht umzusetzen. Beginnen wir die Reise durch das Heft:

KAZ hat sich mit seiner schönen Pixelkunst für das Cover wieder selbst übertroffen, ein herrlicher Anblick in 8bit. Und inhaltstechnisch könnt Ihr Euch auf folgendes freuen:


Atari VCS 2600: Wie Alles Begann, Zeppelin Games: Top-10 Countdown, Bundesliga für Alle: Die ABBUC Bundesliga, Oldie: Koronis Rift, The Making Of: Panther, Scenetastics! - Demo Scene News & Reports, Hacking A Hacker #1: der Anfang, Hacking A Hacker #2: Tips/Tricks/Lösung, ABBUC-Shop: Analog Ausgabe 1, Meeting: NOMAM & Basic-Tenliners Contest, Meeting: Homecomputer-Show 2K14 in Hilversulm, PRO© ATARI Mailorder, Atari-Musik-Kassetten von Poison, PRO© ATARI Heftdiskette und den AtariAge Highscore-Club


Bestellen könnt Ihr das Magazin wieder für

Euro 3,00 inkl. Porto innerhalb Deutschlands oder
Euro 5,00 inkl. Porto ausserhalb Deutschlands

per PayPal an 8bit(at)proc-atari.de oder per Vorabüberweisung (Daten auf Anfrage an genannte email-Adresse).


Bei Fragen könnt Ihr Euch bitte ebenfalls melden...


Viele Grüße


Edited by powersoft
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ABBUC members will get this calender year the issues for free.


Than I need to make the decission if enough tips (spends) come in to cover the costs for these units.

I do not sadly think ABBUC will finance one issue a year in total for the members.

But you can offer it, so it is maybe a point on the JHV.

Because if this happens positive and there are some tips (spends) it will continue the shipment for ABBUC users...

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Yes, the original by KAZ was (as our graphic mode do it regulary) b/w

But Frank did put color into it like a DLI.

Looks GREAT! Love It!

Didn't remember Kolony 2106... yes that picture was familiar to me but didn't remember from where.

But that picture isn't the original 2106:



Any chance of you ask Kaz to send me or you post here your magazine in real pixels GR.8?


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how to buy?

why deutch?


It's is 5 euros in price with delivery outside of Germany.

8bit(at)proc-atari.de is the email address to use for paying via PayPal. You can also message PowerSoft above and he will sort out a magazine for you.


If you're after the English version, this will be available soon. I'm translating it....

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There is now a video overview (like how 'Retro Gamer' do it) which you can view here:

It's great to see these overview videos, I always check out the Retro Gamer one when Darran uploads it. The Zeppelin Games article in this issue would be an interesting read.

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Good news everybody. I think I am finished now with the translation of Issue 2 into English.


Please allow Markus a short while just to sort out the layouts of the text and to get some prints done.


I hope that you love the 2nd issue, just as much as the German speakers have loved the 2nd issue.

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Boah... Steve is more quicker I expected duw the fact he is moving... :)


I have to say, with my company I earn my money is these times a lot to do.

As in music side the festival season is running and I am away for three / four days a week...


I will finish the english issue as soon as possible for sure...


I will post here when it is done.


Cheers bro's...



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Well, I hurried up today and 26 out of 32 pages are FINISHED in english edition. I am not sure at the end if I can complete the english version this week, due the matter of my work. But it will come close to be released. I will keep you here posted!


All the best


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Ladies and Gentlemen...
The work is done...

The german issue is on the run since a two weeks now.

Now I can let you know the english one is ready too...

Steve done an incredible job with translating even he is moving from England to Australia at the moment...

Again we got 32 nice pages filled with the following Atari related stuff:

Atari VCS 2600: How It All Began _____________ 4
Zeppelin Games: Top-10 Countdown _____________ 6
Bundesliga For All: Die ABBUC Gaming League __ 9
Oldie: Koronis Rift _________________________ 10
The Making Of: Panther ______________________ 12
Scenetastics! Demo Scene News & Reports _____ 14
Hacking A Hacker #1: The Beginning __________ 17
Hacking A Hacker #2: Hints & Cheats _________ 18
ABBUC-Shop: Analog Issue #1 _________________ 21
Meeting: NOMAM, Basic-Tenliners Contest _____ 22
Meeting: Homecomputer-Show 2K14, Hilversulm _ 23
PRO© ATARI Mailorder ______________________ 25
Atari-Music-Tapes by Poison _________________ 26
PRO© ATARI Magazine-Disk __________________ 27
AtariAge Highscore-Club _____________________ 28

So pre-order NOW!!!

Shipping starts tuesday (July, 22nd 2014)...

Send Euro 5,00 by PAYPAL to 8bit@proc-atari.de

If you want to order more copies, just add firstly Euro 1,00 and additional Euro 1,50 per issue to the aboved told price...
If you order more than 5 copies please get in touch, as postage than is different.

So dig into the Atari universum...



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I see a small and funny translation error here:


- Bundesliga for All: Die Abbuc Gaming League


should be Bundesliga for All: The Abbuc Gaming League.


Or do you want the Abbuc Gaming League to die ?!? :grin:

(der, die, das are the german equivalents of the english word "the")

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Thank you for your kind words Markus.


For everyone else, I have to say in my honest opinion, this magazine is great and is getting better. With time I'm sure that it will be better and better as we all learn to do what we do better.


For me, the best article is that of the "The Making of: Panther" which for me was very interesting. Panther is a very good game in my opinion too.


And if you think I am saying this because I work on the magazine, please be aware that I do not receive a single penny (or cent) for doing this. It is all out of love for the Atari.

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The whole project is just for our first love ... !!!


I think everyone can calculate a selling price of Euro 1,50 (plus postage) do not cover the costs, even if PayPal fee's will be deducted...


But there will be some great projects coming up...

Please support them to save the magazine!


As soon as things are available, I will post it here...


Now join the new ISSUE ... !!!

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I see a small and funny translation error here:


- Bundesliga for All: Die Abbuc Gaming League


should be Bundesliga for All: The Abbuc Gaming League.


Or do you want the Abbuc Gaming League to die ?!? :grin:

(der, die, das are the german equivalents of the english word "the")


Thank you for spotting this :) I'm sure if it isn't too late that Markus will look at correcting this.


And I'm sure that nobody wants anything to die in the Atari community! :)

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@Steve and CharlieChaplin:

In the directory of the magazine it will be written like Steve translated it.

Here in the forums I thought it reads more well this way I done...

Well... Markus - you suck ;-)

Never change matters Steve translates!

- Yes I will do not again in future ;-)


Cheers mates


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