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Not terribly mad about it being a PS3 exclusive, I own a PS3, but I do think it's a stupid move. Maybe because PS3 is more popular than Microsoft consoles in Japan?


Looks like you will be able to play as more than one of the incarnations of Godzilla. '54, '95, and 2014 Godzilla's were all present in the trailer.


If this game doesn't see a Western release, I will kill people.

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Xbox doesn't exist in Japan so "exclusive" doesn't really mean anything over there other than its not showing up on the Wii or Wii U. If it gets released out this way I'd expect it to be on PS3 AND 360. Its always been a cross platform type game besides it needs to sell cause I want this to succeed.


I used to play Destroy All Monsters and Save the Earth (my favorite) so I hope this happens. War of the Monsters was a great non-Godzilla game by the way......



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