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Rarity and/or Price Check for Atari Computer Games


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Price charting isnt a good source since it's very incomplete.  It's a start but I'm sure theres gonna be items in the lot you wont find. Digital press is a great option to find rarity and a time stamp to what items are worth.  Action is correct 45 to 60.  I would open and check tennis to see if you have eproms or masked roms. One of my tennis carts came in with eproms and a assy labeled board.

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On 2/11/2020 at 7:29 AM, Scooter83 said:

 Digital press is a great option to find rarity and a time stamp to what items are worth.  

Late to the party, but it's worth noting that the A8 ("XE") price guide is well out-of-date. I can't remember the last time that I saw loose XEGS carts go for under ten bucks, but they've got a number listed on their site. And Galaxian and Qix for a buck? Princess and the Frog for thirty? If they're selling at those prices, I'll buy. And since Xenophobe is listed as a "rumour mill" title, when it's clearly not, I'd say that the list hasn't been updated for at least fifteen years. There are also many gaps in their A8 cartridge list.


To be fair, though, the A8 rarity guide isn't as completely worthless as the Jaguar section is today. 


What we really need is a rarity guide for the post-1992 homebrews and central European releases, as well as those Egyptian carts. I'd love to know exactly how many copies of GR8 games were released.

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