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Minimum wage for an Intellivision project, please explain?


We appreciate your hard work.


The look of the PRGE demo wast just beautiful!

The MSRP is $119, as we announced in the podcast. I could have gone higher, but I wanted to keep it affordable, while still covering development costs, etc. I don't think I'm even making minimum wage on the engineering hours, though. ;) That's OK. This is a labor of love.


I do have some plans for low-serial-number units to make them extra special. Those won't be $119. Those details will be posted when I announce availability.

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Minimum wage for an Intellivision project, please explain?



[(total expected sales - total expenses for parts) / (hours spent on project)] < Minimum Wage


That's the math. :) There's a modest profit, but divided out by the number of engineering hours involved (both mine and intvsteve's)—I'd never do this to put food on the table. :)


That said, the value to me bringing this out really is priceless. I enjoy doing this, and I learn so much doing it too. Whatever money's left over gets plowed into the next project.

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Low serial numbers will have to be assigned by lottery. Perhaps Hunger Games style, based on what we're seeing here. Yeesh. Low serial number collecting on a multicart. Just when you thought you've seen everything... :lol:


On another note, the clear shell would display an autograph very nicely - hint, hint.


the autograph would need to be on the inside to preserve it, and that means it needs to be signed backwards, so it will read correctly from the outside


All those low serial numbers will be the practice cases, and by the time he gets up to my nice high number it will look good!

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I'm not taking serial number requests at this time. Sorry. I should have been clearer about that.

We were joking anyway, but I am sure Eric and I are happy with all your efforts and whatever # we end up with! Thank you!!!!


But yea, if you can pull out a silver sharpie and sign my copies in anyway, I would love that. You are great historical Intellivision History to me, Thank you. Wolfy

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