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Jaguar Custom Game Hard Cases

Rick Dangerous

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Say, is it possible to fit the white cardboard cartridge holders from the cardboard boxes into the UGCs? Those are sold separately by B+C for cheap and maybe it would add to a cleaner look inside the case?


I like your thinking but I'm guessing no because it's a pretty tight squeeze in there (especially with the curvature on the jaguar carts.) You would additionally have to dremel out the existing cart supports to fit the boxes in, which is very labor intensive (i do it for my Jag manual cases, as seen above.)


Anythings possible I suppose..

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Hey peeps,


I am going to be uploading the rest of the universal game case inserts that ChrisWR and I collaborated on. If I don't upload it you can assume it's on The Cover Project. There should be a cover for just about every cart and CD release on the jaguar up here shortly.


Please, use these for PERSONAL use only. If I see any of these for sale on fleabay for $10 bucks a pop, i'm going to turn into the creature from The Thing and infiltrate your Antarctic base camp, killing team members slowly and one at a time.


Any instructions needed on how to use these should be available in the thread above.






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This is great, thanks for sharing!

By the way, I got around to doing the UGC cases and I have some advice for other people going this route:

-UGCs have shrunk in size compared to a few years ago (smaller width), and some people recommend resizing the images from cover project to be about 98% of the size of the image you download. Otherwise, I have found that you really need to cut into the game art to get them to fit in the current size UGCs, and you might cut into part of the back page description, or copyright info, and you will become ocd that things aren't perfect :) At least that's my experience.

-If you use normal weight paper, along the lines of the typical stuff you would print text out on on your pc, the paper wrinkles a little bit on the back. All of my UGCs are slightly convex on the front and concave on the back, and this means that the sleeve is not entirely flat with the back plastic. I notice the cover art for Elansar does not have this problem (it looks flat, despite the concavity of the back plastic) and I think it is because the art was printed on a heavier weight glossy paper that isn't as thin.

-Finally, you need to print out the insert artwork on legal size paper, or at least something larger than 8.5x11.

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If you want a cheaper route to game cases you can take Sega Genesis, EA Sports Game boxes and cut out some of the tab that holds the genesis cart inside and it makes a great Jaguar Game case with a spot for the manual.

Also if you don't have a copy of the box if you hit print screen under box scans on Atari Age it is the perfect size you just dont get the spine, you can print the back cover again it normaly will work for the spine.


Yours look great though.

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Forget that cover: it is wrong because it comes from the CD cover and shows a Jag CD while it should show the Jaguar on its back.

I have fixed that this morning when I noticed that:



Please find below the corrected cover:


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Forget the previous Alice Mom's Limited Edition and prefer that one:


N.B: I start understanding that I got only one hour for editing a previous message to post improved covers (while on french forum it is 24h :/

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