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Where's the TI-99/4A podcast?


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Wasn't that thing supposed to be bad for the eyes? And the monochrome color... still I see no need for the hating, your production quality is top-notch.

The only color you get is red and the display is in 3D, It is not really bad for your eyes it is the same as with all 3D stuff, if your eyes are fine you can use it for hours, if your eyes have issues you will get a headache and many people do have eye issues even without knowing it, as the brain can compensate a lot of eye problems.

But that cannot happen with the TI-99. ;-)

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Nice, back in the days I would have shit my pants seeing graphics like that.

I always wanted to program some simple 3D game on my TI-99 by using anaglyph glasses, but the problem always was that the colors on the screen didn´t match the colors on my glasses. :-)

We don't want you shitting your pants here Roli-leave that to your German neighbours ;)

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There was a Matt Chat episode about that game in case you have not seen it:



Never heard of matt chatt but I really like this vid you posted I'll have to sub to his channel. Roli you keep up the good work also on your videos and keep the Ti-99 ones coming. People will catch on soon enough and they'll see all the great games and programs still being released for the Ti-99. Right now the commodore is seeing a resurgence and soon enough the Ti will see one also.

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Matt also made some interesting interviews with famous developers. Quite interesting stuff on his channel.

I have some TI-99 games lying around here I would like to show at some point, like Slymoids for example. I like the "cowboys and aliens" theme of that game.

But first of all I need time for that and at the moment I also have to finish some commercial videos first. ;-)

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Back in the late 80's a kid by the name of Quinton Tormanen made a maze game of sort called The Living Tomb. The game is available << HERE >> just scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.




Always liked the look of that game, the colour scheme reminds me of the Intellivision Dungeons and Dragons.

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