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Moon Patrol CHALLENGE (are you man enough)?


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Okay, I'm throwing down a challenge....


MOON PATROL for the TI-99/4A is one of my all-time favorite games for the unit.


This is one of those classic games that one can 'zone-out' on when they have a few free moments to enjoy their Classic Computer hobby.


I like especially like these old games because you do not need to sit down and study a 2 inch book for a week to learn how to play it. All one needs to do is grab the joystick, the rest comes easy.


Okay, who's gonna be king of the hill? I challenge EVERYONE to a high score contest in Moon Patrol. Play your best game and then take a photo of the screen with your high score, have your screen name in view next to the monitor.


Who's going to be first to give the rest something to shoot for?

Nice initiative. ;)


Well, I of course know the game. I played it in the arcades a few times. I guess I've only played the TI version much later (2004-). And yes, I never bothered to read the instructions. At one point here on AtariAge, I broke the display into its graphical chunks, as to what's sprites, characters with movements etc. Anyway, this time around I again chose not to read the instruction manual.


I played a few times paying attention to graphical and technical details. The horizontal movement seemed rather limited. I guess the pixel size of the buggie (double sized) fooled me a bit. Actually starting position is 48 (counting from extreme left to the left of sprite), left limit is 32 and right is 80. It allows for some movement, but I often found it difficult to avoid missiles from the UFOs. Anyway, moving forward speeds things up for longer jumps. Craters, Mines and more will make you pull left and right quite a bit.


The tanks seemed difficult, but I soon found that shooting its bullets was allowed. I think shooting the UFO missiles works too.


I wouldn't wanna spend all day so I made sure it wouldn't make me loose lives (hacked it). Also I browsed the manual. Then I lost interest/ran out of time, and never got around to see the Space Plants. Later I'll take a few runs without cheating. If I get past the beginner course I'll post a picture of the high score.



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Wolfgang Bertsch suggested a Hi-score list on the last Eindhoven Meeting, hosted on the website of the errorfree club (http://www.errorfree.de/Menu16.html). Maybe we can organise something like that on the AA forum? I.e. not only for Moon Patrol but for all TI games! (shudder - a high score in Microsurgeon :grin: )


There is a high scores section on Atari Age << HERE >> if anyone is really interested in running with something like this, I suppose they could always ask Albert if the TI could be added to the list. It might make for some extra TI exposure and bring more into the fold.

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Forgot all about this, thanks for the reminder! Your ass is grass! Or moon dust. :lol:


Well, I just may have to declare myself the winner here!

So far, Tursi was the the only one man enough to take up the challenge, the rest of you were just talkin' out yer necks!


Friday August 8th will be the final day to post your winning score. (If you can) :grin:

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Okay - 1st quick game and ZERO beers so far. Oh wait.. we're supposed to be playing the beginners course? :lol:






Crap, have to concede defeat Mr. Omegaman! Unannounced company (of the non-game playing type) just came over and truth be told was struggling anyway. Little things were really pissing me off playing this tonight, stuff like the inconsistent scrolling, horrible collision detection and shoddy 'joystick up' jump action not registering when I wanted. :mad:


All "excuses" I know. :lol: Guess I'm not as good as TI Moon Patrol as I thought. My hat's off to you!

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