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Which cartridge games need a joystick?


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Hello, that´s the question. :)


Are there cartridge games which allow player to choose to use either joystick or keyboard?


Are there any cartridge games which don´t read the joystick port at all but will use keyboard instead?



I started to wonder these, as it is possible that if I find suitable TI-99/4A lot someday, joysticks may not be included in that lot. It would be a sad moment, if I buy some TI lot from home continent and then buy games from USA and then all those games will need a joystick....


Am I right, if I say Atari standard joysticks cannot be used with TI? (at least not without modification) I have some memory that TI joysticks also had 9-pin connector, but wires were in different order than in Atari sticks. Of course it would be lots nicer to use original TI joysticks than some modified joystick.



Thank you in advance for any help! :)



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One game that stands out from the rest is Star Trek. When using a joystick on that game, it requires that you use the second stick for some odd reason. It might be nice to see that game hacked to make it 'normal'.


Also, another way to go is to save a couple of bucks by ditching the adapter entirely and just make your own high quality joystick from scratch. There are lots of arcade quality components on eBay at a decent price.

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Almost all TI produced arcade-style games support both keyboard and joystick. I can't think of any 3rd party games that didn't.

Some non-arcade style TI games not supporting joysticks include Tunnels of Doom, early MB games and I'm sure there's a few others.

No keyboard in Dig Dug, Popeye, or Donkey Kong, as far as I know. Probably others but those are the ones I had. ;)

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